My Sweetheart(s)…

sweetheartsSo exciting! My very first post on my blog! I really do want to get to my explorations and outings this past weekend, but before that I want to thank EverAfterr over at the Happily, Ever Afterr blog. She’s a sweet girl who inadvertently inspired me to put pen to paper (virtually speaking) and you should go check out her blog!

Without further ado, let me tell you about Sweethearts Jazz Club.


Sweethearts describes itself as ‘a social club, that revolves around romance and the makings of many thriving friendships and relationships.’ I agree with every word. Sweethearts is a perfect destination for a romantic outing. You can simply taste it in the air. There’s something warm and electric, friendly and exciting, classic and irresistible about the place. I imagine I’m gonna see some eyes rolling as I continue to sing Sweethearts’ praise, but it’s just that good.

It’s beautiful. The décor is exceedingly classy, but never ostentatious. The staff is well-dressed and very cordial, welcoming each new visitor personally by name. While a few advertisements of coming events dot the landscape, perhaps detracting from the elegance of the club, it’s easily overlooked – this is Second Life, after all.

In my first life, I would’ve felt horribly out of place (I’m not a ball gown-slash-high class jazz club kind of girl), but I instantly felt welcome…and maybe a little disappointed I hadn’t brought a date.

A lighter Monday night crowd, but still lovely
A lighter Monday night crowd, but still lovely – now to find a dance partner…

The club really does revolve around romance. The music is perfect for slow dancing, for feeling your partner’s heart quicken as your own pulse races. The environment was made for a couple to look into one another’s eyes and share a magical first kiss…or a magical 101st kiss. After spending 20 minutes sipping virtual libations and people-watching, I was able to coax a friend into joining me as my date. We never felt out of place or unwelcome dancing as a same-sex couple, nor were we the only one. Later we joined two gentlemen who had ‘gone stag’ as well, the four of us enjoying a lovely night of conversation and dancing. (Also, men should wear tuxedos 24/7, because, damn…all guys look good in proper black tie.)

Myself and Camilla, my favorite fae dancing partner. Also, what am I doing with black shoes???

Sweethearts delivered. My date and I made two new friends, my very favourite thing to do in Second Life (with exploration and shopping rounding out the trifecta). We spent two hours listening to music, chatting, dancing, and, eventually, wondering how two hours got away from us. Not only had it provided an enchanting evening, it gave me an excuse to wear my new gown.

EverAfterr referred to Sweethearts as a ‘monument’, and while I don’t think she’s wrong, I think it’s more than that. It’s exactly the kind of establishment we as a community should hold up and wave like a banner every time mainstream media beats the ‘SECOND LIFE IS ALL ABOUT TEH KINKY BIZARRE CIRCUS SEX!’ drum. It’s romance, friendship, great music, and beautiful décor…all dressed up in a snazzy tuxedo or dazzling ball gown.

I don't know these two, but I adore this picture.
I don’t know these two, but I adore this picture.

This is probably old news to some of you all. I’ll wager some of y’all are regular patrons (if so, what’d you think of my gown?). If you aren’t or if you haven’t walked through their doors, I hope you’ll check them out.

(Disclaimer: After examining the photos I took from Saturday night and being unhappy with them, I visited Sweethearts again on the night of May 18 to shoot more photos…and to give me an excuse to dress up and go dancing. Please forgive the landmark pin on the image – I’ve just got to figure out a way to remove those.)


One thought on “My Sweetheart(s)…

  1. Yay, first comment on your first blog post! Thank you so much for the shout-out, sweet lady – you totally made my day! ♥

    Sweethearts is one of those places I’ve visited long, long ago and have heard about so frequently over the years, and you’re right – I don’t think it gets its full due. It’s one of those venues that people may overlook because it’s so well known, but there’s a good reason for that visibility. I’d definitely put it on my list of newbie-friendly places as well; IIRC it always seemed like the hosts and staff went out of their way to make people feel welcome.

    Thank you for inspiring me to visit there soon, Keyli – and congratulations on your new blog! ^_^


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