‘Where Great Things Come Together’ – Cleavage

I think she makes the point(s)…

True confession time – my avi is kinda busty. Oh heck, I’ll be honest, she’s gonna be having some serious back issues in her later years. Ha! This is Second Life! Gravity and physiology have no place here when it comes to the bustline!

That said, today’s adventure took me to Cleavage for the opening of Abrasive. If your lovely female avatar has a pair of ta-tas (and I figure that’s a safe bet) Cleavage is the place for you.

(Note: I apologize for the joke in the caption…that was bad.)

On first rez, Cleavage appears as an outdoor strip mall. Dozens of stores, an open air courtyard, some shoppers milling about, with the walls and ground liberally frosted with ads for events and sales. If the name of the sim didn’t instantly clue you in, it won’t take more than an eyeful of a few storefronts to realize Cleavage is all about two very important features of the female avatar.

Obviously I'm referring to the ankle and the appendix...
Obviously I’m referring to the ankle and the appendix…
...or...maybe somethings else?
…or…maybe not? Also, how great a store name is that?

Yes, my friends, Cleavage and the stores found there are all about the boobies, and God bless ’em for it. Whether your avi is right off the character creation screen or if you’ve spent thousands of Lindens on a mesh body and all the parts, Cleavage has you…covered, although, in many cases, just barely. (I will totally shop at a store called F’n’Hawt – that’s unabashedly trampy and I love it.)

In fact, I’m estimating 90% of the clothing to be found at Cleavage is on the risqué side. It makes for perfect club and role-play wear. However, if you’re RP’ing a nun, this might not be the place for you. Cleavage is a sim made for gleefully celebrating breasts, and they’re proud of it.

My visit yesterday was precipitated by the addition of the store Abrasive, which featured some great club and goth wear at very reasonable prices. I bought a little navy blue microdress (VERY micro) that will probably wind up being worn with a skirt or jeans; it does an exceptional job of…celebrating.

Just the name of the store; I’m sure the clothes are quite comfortable.

I’m happy to be a patron of Cleavage and the stores to be found there. Taking a stroll around the well-lit sim with its bouncy (I didn’t intend that pun – just a happy coincidence) soundtrack and consumer-friendly layout makes for a good experience whether you’re window shopping or filling your virtual closet after purchasing a pair of mesh breasts or a new mesh body. The whole place has a wonderful sense of humor and some GREAT deals/freebies.

Lubbly Jubblies (no lie, that’s the name of the event) is the regular sales event at Cleavage. Some of the deals available are really outstanding, with some great, really popular SL designers offering their wares at very budget-friendly prices. The sale is running right now through June 20, 2015. I picked up a really cute lavender top (that supported the classic avatar as well as all of the popular mesh bodies) at the LJ event yesterday for just 50L.

Your L$ budget will thank you.

No discussion of Cleavage would be complete without a mention of this wonderful establishment. Big Boob Babes is the home office of the Big Boobie Babes Freebies group, and I can’t recommend joining the group and stopping by the main office enough. There are dozens of freebies available, classic avatars and appliers supported all around. These range from lingerie to swimsuits to club gear to formal wear, and all of them free just for wearing the group tag…which is also free.

I’d like to close with the other outfit I picked up yesterday…


This was actually free at the BBB office. Oh yeah…that’s a stormtrooper on her top. In addition to the Belleza, the outfit supported most other popular mesh bodies including my Maitreya Lara. I learned later, however, that stormtrooper disappears if the cleavage slider on your avi’s shape is too far to the right. Still, the outfit is geek-sexy and great for a night out clubbing.

Alright…one last thing. Let’s get this out of the way: I realize there are women who will roll their eyes and naysay Cleavage for supporting the “objectification of womankind” and “catering to men who just want to ogle pixelated Barbies”. If that’s you, I absolutely support your right to your opinion, but we’re going to have to agree to disagree. This was my second visit to Cleavage and I plan to make it a monthly stop; it’s a great shopping destination for freebies and deals in addition to featuring some extraordinarily cute (and, yes, a trifle trampy) clothing for your avi and her…assets.


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