changeaheadYou know it’s time to get off your rear and actually do something with your blog when someone asks about it and the blog hasn’t seen a new post in A YEAR!

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want to do with the blog – should I close it up entirely? Switch it over to just sexy pictures of my avi and others? Continue writing about destinations I love in SL? Or just write whatever comes to mind?

(TL;DR at the very bottom if you’d rather skip the wall of text!)

I started this blog just for kicks. I was SO excited about what I was learning and what I was seeing while adventuring through SL. I’m still having a GREAT time in SecondLife, but I’m not really adventuring to new sims and wandering through little-known spots as much as I once did. I am having a phenomenal time with friends going shopping, clubbing, hanging out at beaches, riding, doing some role-play, and, just having a great time enjoying myself.

With that in mind, I’ve decided I’m going to repurpose Second Keyli a bit. I’ll still write about the really neat places I come across and visit, but I want to use the blog as a sort of journal for myself. I’ll confess that some of the entries might not be entirely…let’s go with family-friendly. And I’ll be sure to indicate that very plainly and put any potentially risqué images or text behind a cut so there will be no way to stumble on them – one will have to actually opt to read more about such a post.

Annnnd having read what I just wrote, I’d probably think, “So this will be a repository for NC-17 pictures and stories.” Maybe a touch of clarification is in order…

I won’t argue the fact that some of the material might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some posts may contain suggestive imagery that may or may not feature some nudity, but there will never be any graphic sexual imagery. None of the posts will include any graphic descriptions as well. Again, all of this will be concealed behind a ‘Continue Reading’ cut.

TL;DR? I’m going to start including ‘journal entries’ that may or may not include nudity, but not graphically sexual imagery. I’ll also occasionally include recounts of my day-to-day second life which may be suggestive as well, but never graphically sexual. Simply put, the Motion Picture Association of America just changed my rating from PG to R.


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