Who’s that girl?

Me, my BFF Chrissa (the redhead) and two of her friends off to the beach!
Me, my BFF Chrissa (the redhead) and two of her friends off to the beach!

About five months ago, after spending a few nights out and having a ball with friends at dance clubs in SL, it began to dawn on me that SL is rather…well…ummm…

Okay, I was going to soap box for a second and cover my cupcake-enhanced backside from the slings and arrows of the PC crowd, but this is it: there are a lot of very, very beautiful white women in SL. LOTS of them. Which is great, but not only did I want to do something different, I wanted to try and interject some diversity into my little corner of SL.

So I went from being a Keyli that looked something like this…

I <3 my motorcycle!

…to one that looks more like this:

KeyliFinalI live in the desert southwest of the U.S., and if you’re at all familiar with the area you know that we’re very fortunate to share our little part of the world with many people of Latin descent. I get to experience the food and the music and the culture and the language and the lifestyle and the food (I may have said that twice) and I consider myself really blessed to have that as part of my existence. That was a large part of my reason for this change, and I’m so happy with it.

Also, from a purely egotistical standpoint, I think Keyli looks just amazingly beautiful as a Latina woman. It tickles me to death when I get compliments on my new look. 🙂

My new skin is from Danika, who also made my fair skin. I went there on the recommendation of my good friend Deborah, and Danika has appliers for most popular mesh bodies and a few mesh heads.

I’m not on any kind of crusade here, and I would never look down on anyone for how they style their avatar. That’s a very personal thing. I do, however, like the idea of a little more diversity in SL.







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