Crossing Dimensions

Hi everyone! I hope you’ll forgive my little break in blogging. Between work and holidays and holiday recovery I’ve hard a hard time being able to put the time together for a proper post, but now I’ve got some nice tea and a house filled only by the jazz stream I listen to in my SL home – it’s blogging time! (Incidentally, I totally recommend that jazz stream, even if you’re not big into jazz. It’s just perfect music for just about any occasion.)

Looking out over the dance floor after a party…

The close of Heavenly Peach had me looking for more ‘go-to’ hangouts. I’ll always have Cling, and I love that club and the great company there, but a body needs a list of places to swing by. It’s with this in mind I present The Trans-Dimension.

Trans, as folks (well, me, at least) often call it, is a beach/nightclub that caters primarily to the transgender crowd, but everyone is happily welcomed, regardless of sexual identity or preference. Over the last week, I’ve danced with straight guys, bisexual women, a hilarious trans girl, and a male elf with a backside at which I may have stared at a bit too long. I love how, by and large, SL is such an accepting place and that these groups all gather to meet and have fun in the same place. It gives me hope.

Anyway, Trans has a SUPER COOL dance floor that lights up when one walks or dances across it. The music is from all over the place, but mostly pop from the 80s, the 90s, early 21st century, and today – their DJs are all very engaging and a lot of fun, and I’m always greeted by just about everyone there when I port in; I love that feeling! I feel like if I’ve walked into a place and a group of people have taken a second or three to say, “Hi Keyli!”,  then I’m in a good spot.

One of my favorite spots at Trans is actually off the dance floor. They have a little tropical pool complete with a diving board! I’m not quite sure why I like diving boards so much, but I think posing on them is fun, but I could jump off them for hours.

The sunset, complete with GURLYWOOD sign in the background

It’s probably not a bad idea to bring up that Trans is an A-rated (is that the terminology? no one seems to get it when I call something A-rated) establishment, meaning, in short, it’s sunny with a chance of nekkidness. That might not be your bag, which is totally okay. There is a club for everyone in SL! If Trans isn’t yours, I hope you find it. If it sounds like your kind of place, however, I hope you’ll come join Azkadellia, Abbie, and all the rest of the super cool people at Trans. And bring your swimsuit because that diving board is awesome!

I do like how my ponytail resists gravity…

What I’m Wearing:

Bikini: Ceija Bikini – JUSTICE

Hair: Mary – FABIA



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