This is still a work in progress! Hopefully I’ll have this done real soon. ❤ -K.

Hi! Or, perhaps, Hi Again! When I first envisioned this blog, I saw it strictly as a place to talk about my exploration in Second Life. And I still want that to be part of it, but over the past few years I’ve really developed an appetite for fashion in SL, a passion that both excites me and bruises my wallet.

lounging-as-a-blonde_31273108634_oSooooooo, with that in mind, I wanted to set a few expectations:

* I’m not sponsored by, nor do I receive any free or reduced cost items of clothing outside of a group gift or a good sale or something along those lines. Everything I’m wearing comes from my rapidly expanding wardrobe, but that means you’ll often see me wearing the same top or jeans or skirt or swimsuit in different pictures. Not only that, but I have a few constants that I’ll (almost) never change:

My Mesh Head: …

My Skin: …

My Tattoo: …

My Body/Hands/Feet: …

My Eyes: …

All that said, if you’re a designer and would be interested in working with me…please drop me a line!

* I refer to my own personal style as tastefully trampy. I think that’s probably enough said there.

* I am a mediocre (at best) photographer. I’m doing my best to improve my technique and my post-processing, but some of my pictures are still rather amateurish.

* Ikkin is a weird surname, I agree.

What I’m Wearing:



Nose Piercing:









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