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Monday, Monday (on Tuesday)

I spend a lot of my Monday mornings just like this. My fingers poised above and hammering away at a keyboard, bottom lip wrenched to one side and bit down upon while noodling away at a thought or a problem, wishing I was dressed much like I am here, in something fun and comfy as opposed to…office-y.

On a more cheerful note, my Luxe Box arrived Sunday! If you’re not familiar with Luxe Box, think of it as a subscription Christmas (or the surprise gift holiday of your choice). One subscribes every month for 1500L, and, on the 15th, is delivered 10-12 items of clothing, footwear, hair, furniture, and fun knick-knacks. I’m never disappointed in this – the top I’m wearing is a fatpack that likely would have sold for about 800-1000L at a shopping event – I got it along with 11 other items for the bargain price of 1500L.

I know some folks don’t like the unknown element to the Luxe Box…what if you don’t get something you want? I suppose that’s a possibility, but I’ve been getting my monthly Luxe Box for 18 months now and it’s never let me down.

Today’s post features four of my favorite items from this month.

The top is a cute little sweater from Paper Arrow, which had me squee’ing gleefully the second I put it on. I love the style, I love the texture (I can practically FEEL the warm fabric against me), and the little heart cut-out is just playfully flirty in a way that makes me happy.

The socks are from NX-Nardcotix, and come in ten textures for either high or flat feet. I actually wear really similar socks for knocking around the house, so these popping up in my LB made me grin.

This hair is from Moon. If I’m honest, Moon hair isn’t always my favorite – it’s always incredible quality and includes a myriad of colors and ombres, but it’s just not quite ‘my style’…until today. This one is JUST RIGHT for me – I put it on Sunday morning around 1:00 AM SLT and haven’t taken it off since. The darker roots of the ombre with the really lovely blond just hit all the right notes for me, and it’s made me reconsider all of the Moon hairs in my inventory – maybe there’s one that really deserves a second look!

While one can’t really get a good look at it in this picture, I’m reclining on a wagon by Tarte (from the October Luxe Box, natch) that looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s got an amazing weathered wood texture that I can just feel as I imagine running my fingertips over it, the rough grain of the wood against my skin, the cool heads of the nails, darkened and maybe even slightly rusted with time. The lights strung around it are charming and very romantic, making it a perfect setting for the couple animations (both PG and not-so-PG rated) included. I’m sure I’ll use it for photos again soon.

Oh now come on, self, this little trademark is getting out of hand! (Although, let’s be fair, these little shorts are sexycute AF, right?)

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Heart.Sweater by Paper Arrow Co (October 2017 Luxe Box)

Shorts: Sporty Pants by #EMPIRE

Hair: Babeh by Moon Hair (October 2017 Luxe Box)

Socks: Annie by NX-Nardcotix (October 2017 Luxe Box)

Earrings: Le Kitty Earrings by Noodles

Bracelets: Friendship Bracelet (Gacha) by *BOOM*

(Those friendship bracelets from BOOM are ADORABLE with a capital A, and are one of my favorite little gifts to give.)

❤  -K.



#SecondLifeChallenge – My Zodiac Sign

Time for this week’s #SecondLifeChallenge! I love that Strawberry Singh has brought this back, mostly because it kind of jump starts my sleepy, back-to-work brain when I’m trying to think about exactly what to write on my still-getting-started blog.

This week we’re getting started talking about signs of the Zodiac, and while I’m not a believer, it’s still entertaining (and a bit odd) how it manages to hit the target. Here we go!

What is your Zodiac sign?: I was born in late July, making me a Leo. I’m not sure if this also explains why I prefer cats to dogs, but I like to think so.

Do you believe in Astrology and read your horoscope often?: Not at all. I do think it can be kind of entertaining to read once in a blue moon, and, I’ll confess, it’s been fodder for some humorous banter between my friends and me. I know I shouldn’t poke fun; these are important beliefs to many people…I just can’t get behind them.

What are some of the traits of your zodiac sign and do you feel they reflect who you are?: Following Strawberry’s lead, I’m going to post up some info from website for Leo and then we’ll analyze it a bit:

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous: This is a bit creepy. I like to think I’m fairly creative when I put digital pen to paper and I take a lot of pride in emoting and speaking in a way that engages the reader. I don’t know that I have too many pursuits about which I’m passionate; I’m prone to discover something, burn bright over it for a while, and then slowly burn out. There are just a few things that I about which I’m really spirited. I’ll put warm-hearted and generous together – I strongly believe in being kind to people, sharing what I have, taking care to respect the beliefs of others, and ‘paying it forward’. Any example I might give will probably read like ego-stroking, but thinking about those examples makes me happy. And humorous? I crave a good joke, whether it’s gigglesnorting at one or (trying) to make those around me chuckle. Concerning the latter, I think I succeed more than I tragically fail.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible: Oh boy. I can be a bit of all of these, but really only one of them is a constant. I know that I am occasionally prone to thinking very highly of myself; I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I have, on occasion, looked down upon some of the avatars that have approached me (often romantically) because I didn’t feel they were ‘up to my standard’. Not really the new Second Life resident – that’s someone I want to spend time with and help and expose to some of the cool parts of our world, but the avi that’s been around for six years and just can’t be bothered to mold their avatar out of anything more than a few freebies. I feel kind of rotten just writing that, but I know it’s true. It’s definitely a character weakness; not everyone has the time/money/knowledge/inclination to really make an effort to improve the appearance of their avatar and I should be more accepting of that and less superficial. I think all we can do when we recognize a shortcoming in ourselves is try to improve, and my journey there continues.  I’m going to have a sip of tea and move on before this particular topic gets out of hand. Occasionally, I will dig my heels in and proclaim that my way is right and any other opinions are wholly invalid. The one that REALLY hits the mark here is lazy – I will endeavor to find a quick and easy way through nearly any task, and if I’m able to procrastinate when given a task, I’ll cheerfully do so.

(*Forgive me for getting so verbose there! I should save the self-reflection for a less public arena.)

Leo likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends: I don’t know about the Theater; I can kind of give or take going to dramatic productions. Do movies count? I love a good movie. Taking holidays? Really only if it’s something about which I’m interested. Not long ago I took my niece to a comic convention and LOVED it. We had a ball and made so many good memories that I think we’ll talk about forever. On the other side of that spectrum we have a recent camping trip with my family; I silently groaned and complained every minute, and there were times I actually longed for the office. Expensive things? YES YES YES! While I try to be a somewhat frugal shopper, I take a great deal of joy in having beautiful (and often pricey) clothes and accessories, gorgeous and fun sailboats, lovely furniture and décor, and all the fun, expensive things that make SL one of my happy places. In first life it’s clothing and accessories and make-up and toys (not that kind! I mean phones and such!). All that said, I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a 5000L$ Bento mesh head…). Finally, I am never having a better time in life both First or Second than when I’m with friends. I love being the hostess and I love being a guest with good friends and loved ones.

Leo dislikes:  Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being treated like a king or queen: Oh boy. I think this example might kind of cover all three: I don’t think anyone likes being ignored, but back in the days when I earned my salt (that is a phrase my father uses – isn’t it cute?) dancing at a little club called Bare Assets (quaint, no?), I used to really bristle and burn when another dancer was being favored while I danced and flirted and winked to no avail. I stormed out of the club more than once because I could feel my temper rising and I didn’t want to let it boil over. The difficult reality of the situation is everyone has their own taste and there are certainly others who ‘did the job’ better than me. While I’d like to be treated like the queen of the castle (or, in this case, the, ahem, gentleman’s club), it doesn’t work out that way.

So what did I learn here? While there are A LOT of coincidences, no doubt, I think many of them are practically universal. No one likes being ignored, and difficult realities suck. I would say most everyone loves a nice holiday and expensive things are often beautiful and fun! I still don’t believe I’ll favorite an astrology site on my web browser, but maybe there’s at least a little something to it.

What I’m wearing:

Outfit: Kristi by Addams

Hair: Imani by TRUTH

Earrings: Le Kitty Earrings by Noodles

Rings: Bayswater Rings by Astralia

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

❤  -K.

PS: Thanks to my good friend Phillie for helping give this shot some beautiful life in the background and for just being awesome!

Fifty Linden Magic!

I start every morning about the same, a coffee and a blueberry muffin from the café down the road from my office, a little peek through the Washington Post online, and then perusing Seraphim. If you’re at all into fashion in Second Life, or if you just like picking up a cute new top every now and again, I cannot recommend this enough. This morning, being Friday, Seraphim had a big post on today’s Fifty Linden Friday, which led to my Friday night Fifty Linden Shopping Excursion.

I’m wearing a pair of items from today’s FLF haul. The first is the Alisa ‘smiling skulls’ skirt from Vinyl. It really makes me grin and screams playful and flirty while being perfectly appropriate for getting down with the ghouls and goblins in a Second Life nightclub.

I’ve got another gem (or pair of gems) on my tootsies: the Hocus Heels from REIGN. Nothing says Halloween spookiness like bats, particularly when they’re on cute shoes that only set me back 50L$! To complete my budget-minded theme, I’m pairing it with a group gift top from Blueberry that, if you don’t already own, you should port there right now and pick it up. Did I mention it’s free?

(Yes…another booty shot – sometimes I can’t help myself!)



Top: Lace Top by Blueberry

Skirt: Alisa by VINYL

Stockings: Wicked Stockings ‘Spell On You’ by AVICANDY (MP Only)

Shoes: Hocus by REIGN

Hair: Kare by TRUTH

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

Watch/Bracelets: Alice Watch by RealEvil

Rings: Lost Rings by Ama

#SecondLifeChallenge – Seven SL Facts

The blog that, for my money, launched a thousand blogs belongs to someone I admire immensely, Strawberry Singh. She’s started doing a series of what she calls Second Life Challenges, and I figured that, as I’m launching a new blog and sure would like to follow (albeit far, far behind) in her impressive footsteps, I’d follow suit.

So, without further ado, my Seven SL Facts:

Fact #1: In an effort to (somewhat) curtail my SL spending, I give myself a weekly allowance of Linden dollars. Any other Lindens I want to purchase have to be offset by a change in RL spending like brown-bagging lunch or making coffee at home.

Fact #2: If I’m logging off SL around my RL bedtime, I change my avi into PJs. These vary from sexy to plain to silly, but I like the immersive feel of actually changing into something appropriate for sleep and laying down in bed before closing out. It also makes me smile to log in while wearing jammy pants and a cute tank.

Fact #3: I lose clothes in my inventory. It happens all the time. Even with a semi-organized clothing section of my hoard, cute items go missing and I’ll come across them weeks or even months in the future, having forgotten I owned them.

Fact #4: I really enjoy sex in Second Life, but not just for the more obvious mental, emotional, and physical stimulation it might provide. I really like it as a writing challenge; I love trying to find new ways of expressing myself and painting an erotic verbal picture.

Fact #5: Well, we’re in the neighborhood, soooooo…I have worked as an escort in Second Life. There were times I really enjoyed it, and times I would much rather have been doing something else (much like any job, I suppose), but it’s a part of my SL history. I wouldn’t say I regret it, because I had some fun and made a considerable amount doing it, but there are times I do wish I had spent that time with friends.

Fact #6: Some of the best conversations I’ve had in Second Life have been while naked and lounging about in sims that are notorious “meat markets.” I’ve had really captivating chats about books and film and fashion and sex and pop culture and Second Life itself while lounging about starkers on a beach towel.

Fact #7: I have a bit of Bento Head anxiety, and it’s ironic because it is for many of the same reasons I had Mesh Head anxiety in the first place. I remember being afraid I’d “lose my look”. To an extent, I did – my avi today looks VERY different from my avatar at the beginning of the year. However, I LOVE my look now – I think I look fabulous and I don’t want to lose that. I’m worried that if I do pick up a Bento Mesh head I will lose my current look. That said, however, part of me wonders if it would be a similar experience – would I find a head/shape/skin that I felt captured “me” better than my current look?

That and the 5,000L$ price tag – that would be the single largest purchase I’ve ever made, eclipsing my Bandit 60 sailboat at 4,500. I may wind up needing a new shape as well, which, I imagine, would be an added cost.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Slashed Top by Cynful

Pants: Sylvia Yoga Pants by Blueberry




This post might just be a day late and a few Linden short, but if I get just one of you all to stop by ViSion over the next few days, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

Until October 15 (LUXE BOX DAY!!!), EVERYTHING at ViSion is half off. Which means all of the amazing tops, skirts, dresses, swimwear and head-turningly-sexy lingerie will made a significantly smaller dent in your L$ budget. I grabbed something old (meaning I’d owned it a while) and something new from ViSion along with some dynamite shoes from Essenz from the February BishBox.

I looooooove this skirt. Short skirts are so prevalent in SL, but ones with such a lovely texture and a great fit like these from ViSion are a really happy addition to my wardrobe.

The top, also from ViSion, natch, has some really nice texturing. The, as my very good friend Isobel puts it, ‘pokies’ are something of a point of personal taste – I’ve spoken with friends who find them tawdry and cheap and repellent, and then there are people like me who find them wonderfully tastefully trampy. I think this top is fantastic – I also have it in pink and it pairs wonderfully with some cute jeans.

Remember, you only have until the 15th! I totally recommend stopping by.

Top: Shade Top by ViSion

Skirt: Shade Skirt by ViSion

Shoes: Tokyo by Essenz  (From February BishBox – I’m unsure of availability 😦  )

Bracelets: Geometric Moon Cuffs by Yummy

Hair: Misaki by ARGRACE

Rings: Luxy Rings by RealEvil

Facial Piercings by PUNCH

Cleavage Piercing by Meva

Gratuitous booty shot in 5…4…3…2…1…

* Thanks to everyone who came by and read my first post – you guys have been really kind with your feedback.

❤ -K.



We’re in the middle of one of my very favorite shopping events, Collabor88. And while the fact that all prices at C88 end in 88 (188, 288, etc.) really does nicely scratch a weird little OCD itch, the reason I love it is SO many top drawer designers come out with some truly amazing and creative new pieces. I’m wearing a couple today I’d like to talk about.

I have a LOVELOVELOVELOVE/mildly-dislike relationship with Erratic. There’s almost nothing designed there that isn’t incredible. The lingerie, the swimsuits, the dresses, the separates…everything is just gorgeous. A little spendy, but, still, gorgeous. However, they are, by and large, Maitreya only. I love my Lara, but occasionally (alright, I’ll come clean – quite often) I want to turn the curves up with Belleza’s Freya and I have to leave all of those gorgeous pieces in the closet.

That said, I LOVE this dress. Usually, I’m not quite so keen on high necks or long sleeves, but this dress is just magic. I can’t wait to wear it out this Fall and Winter. At 188L per texture, it’s an absolute steal.


Today’s shoes are by REIGN, and they just scream sexy autumn to me. I love the socks and the boots are my favorite height – just a tiny bit over the knee. These will probably be my go-to boots over the cooler months until Spring comes back ’round, as I can wear them with either Lara or Freya.


Dress: Nishi Hooded Dress by Erratic @C88

Boots: Autumn Boots by REIGN @C88

Hair: Lani by Amacci

Piercings by PUNCH

❤ -K.

Watch this space… #WorkInProgress

…no, for realsies this time! I am working on something! Promise!