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#SecondLifeChallenge – Google Me!

  1. Google your Second Life name in “quotations” and share your results. 1,160 results – not bad, considering I don’t really have much of a presence.
  2. What are the first 5 links that come up? My Flickr (it’s easy enough to find, but some of the photos are NSFW), my blog, my Avatarbook (which I don’t really use), my DeviantArt (which I created to enjoy a new friend’s artwork years ago), and the staff Facebook page for Hathor’s Garden, a club at which I was a Hostess a few years back.
  3. Click on the “Images” tab and tell us where the first 5 images are from. The first is my Avatarbook profile picture (and WAY out of date), the second is an Avatarbook profile picture I liked, the rest are all from the blog.
  4. Click on the “Videos” tab and share your results, if any. Not a one.
  5. Click on the “News” tab and share your results, if any. Again, not a one.
  6. Did any of the results surprise you? I had completely forgotten about the DeviantArt page, and was surprised Hathor’s Garden appeared before my own FB page.
  7. Are you satisfied with your results or wish they were different in any way? I would have liked for my Facebook page to appear in the top five and for my blog to appear first.

A wink and a grin because the phrase ‘googling yourself’ still makes me laugh.

What I’m Wearing…

Top: Aira Hoodie by Ricielli (At Cosmopolitan)

Jeans: Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans by Addams

Shoes: Baby’s Breath by #EMPIRE

Hair: Anouk by TRUTH

Earrings: Madeline by Amala

❤  -K.




My Fridays always begin to end a little bit like this. Relaxed business casual with the hair let down and a 99-cent margarita in hand, celebrating the beginning of our short reprieve with cheap alcohol and a good chat with my colleagues. Our only rule: no work talk.

I really love this outfit by Neve for two reasons. It really does just work for any sort of more professional get-together, and I think it would look just crazy sexy being torn off in the throes of passion.

And if the siren song of RL doesn’t sound, this is how my Friday’s end, at a good party in Second Life! Tonight I’m in some, errr, adventurous club apparel, looking forward to seeing (and being seen by) my good friends and friends I have yet to meet. I spent some my Friday night (and Saturday morning) at one of my favorite little clubs on the grid, Cling, a nylon/latex enthusiast club with two really good friends, Mopsi and Kylie, both of whom were kind enough to let me include them in my pictures. 🙂 Thanks, you two!

Cling is my Cheers. Everyone is friendly, the music is great, the owners, Isobel and Kylie, are not only beautiful, but really kind and just genuinely fun people, and we always have a great time chatting, dancing, and lounging about.

This skirt is by PiZaZZ, who REALLY should get a lot more respect as a designer. The owner, Brajeet, is an absolute sweetheart of a woman who takes care of her customers like no one else. They have super cute clothing there from the pretty and elegant to the delightfully tastefully trampy. Their prices are quite reasonable with a discount for group members, frequent sales, and LOTS of raffles for gift cards. If you haven’t ever been there, go soon!


Enjoy your weekends! And don’t forget to check out Seraphim for the weekend’s sales events AND Fifty Linden Friday!

Outfit 1:

Outfit: Intern by Neve

Hair: Fallon by MOON

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

Earrings: Abigail by Amala

Outfit 2:

Top: Monica by Azuchi

Skirt: Steffi Miniskirt by PiZaZZ

Stockings: Lace Back Seam by AVICANDY

Boots: Carly by KC Couture

Hair: April by TRUTH

Bracelet: Silver Bracelet Watch with Bangles by Heartsdale Jewelry

Earrings: Hoop Earrings by Izzie’s