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Crossing Dimensions

Hi everyone! I hope you’ll forgive my little break in blogging. Between work and holidays and holiday recovery I’ve hard a hard time being able to put the time together for a proper post, but now I’ve got some nice tea and a house filled only by the jazz stream I listen to in my SL home – it’s blogging time! (Incidentally, I totally recommend that jazz stream, even if you’re not big into jazz. It’s just perfect music for just about any occasion.)

Looking out over the dance floor after a party…

The close of Heavenly Peach had me looking for more ‘go-to’ hangouts. I’ll always have Cling, and I love that club and the great company there, but a body needs a list of places to swing by. It’s with this in mind I present The Trans-Dimension.

Trans, as folks (well, me, at least) often call it, is a beach/nightclub that caters primarily to the transgender crowd, but everyone is happily welcomed, regardless of sexual identity or preference. Over the last week, I’ve danced with straight guys, bisexual women, a hilarious trans girl, and a male elf with a backside at which I may have stared at a bit too long. I love how, by and large, SL is such an accepting place and that these groups all gather to meet and have fun in the same place. It gives me hope.

Anyway, Trans has a SUPER COOL dance floor that lights up when one walks or dances across it. The music is from all over the place, but mostly pop from the 80s, the 90s, early 21st century, and today – their DJs are all very engaging and a lot of fun, and I’m always greeted by just about everyone there when I port in; I love that feeling! I feel like if I’ve walked into a place and a group of people have taken a second or three to say, “Hi Keyli!”,  then I’m in a good spot.

One of my favorite spots at Trans is actually off the dance floor. They have a little tropical pool complete with a diving board! I’m not quite sure why I like diving boards so much, but I think posing on them is fun, but I could jump off them for hours.

The sunset, complete with GURLYWOOD sign in the background

It’s probably not a bad idea to bring up that Trans is an A-rated (is that the terminology? no one seems to get it when I call something A-rated) establishment, meaning, in short, it’s sunny with a chance of nekkidness. That might not be your bag, which is totally okay. There is a club for everyone in SL! If Trans isn’t yours, I hope you find it. If it sounds like your kind of place, however, I hope you’ll come join Azkadellia, Abbie, and all the rest of the super cool people at Trans. And bring your swimsuit because that diving board is awesome!

I do like how my ponytail resists gravity…

What I’m Wearing:

Bikini: Ceija Bikini – JUSTICE

Hair: Mary – FABIA



More Fun at Heavenly Peach!

So I spent today working from home, meaning there was a good bit of Second Life in the cards. As my great luck would have it, it was also my very good friend Zansay’s rez day, and she was having a party at her beach, which has become my new hangout away from home – Heavenly Peach.

I was in the mood for curves, so I switched out my usual Maitreya Lara body for Belleza Freya, and I love this body. It’s the first time I’ve really worn it out since I got my new Lelutka head, and I might need a few shape adjustments, but I’m really happy with the way I looked.

(look how sexy Zansay’s backside is there in the background!)

Zansay’s party was great! We had a small, but very fun group dancing and laughing and really enjoying the afternoon. I spent much of the afternoon in this cute little bikini from Cynful, which is not only cute but comes with a really robust HUD that allows for a lot of mixing and matching of colors. This particular one was from the June 2017 Luxe Box, but I highly recommend checking out the swimwear (and everything else) there. Eventually, however, when in Rome…


Somehow I managed to take this shot without even a peek permitted, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of naked dancing, laughs, and just great company at Heavenly Peach this afternoon. Zansay and Mariah have set up a Flickr group too, that has a lot of great photos and videos from the beach.

What I’m Wearing

Bikini: Heat Bikini by Cynful

Hair: Green Light by Exile


My Fridays always begin to end a little bit like this. Relaxed business casual with the hair let down and a 99-cent margarita in hand, celebrating the beginning of our short reprieve with cheap alcohol and a good chat with my colleagues. Our only rule: no work talk.

I really love this outfit by Neve for two reasons. It really does just work for any sort of more professional get-together, and I think it would look just crazy sexy being torn off in the throes of passion.

And if the siren song of RL doesn’t sound, this is how my Friday’s end, at a good party in Second Life! Tonight I’m in some, errr, adventurous club apparel, looking forward to seeing (and being seen by) my good friends and friends I have yet to meet. I spent some my Friday night (and Saturday morning) at one of my favorite little clubs on the grid, Cling, a nylon/latex enthusiast club with two really good friends, Mopsi and Kylie, both of whom were kind enough to let me include them in my pictures. 🙂 Thanks, you two!

Cling is my Cheers. Everyone is friendly, the music is great, the owners, Isobel and Kylie, are not only beautiful, but really kind and just genuinely fun people, and we always have a great time chatting, dancing, and lounging about.

This skirt is by PiZaZZ, who REALLY should get a lot more respect as a designer. The owner, Brajeet, is an absolute sweetheart of a woman who takes care of her customers like no one else. They have super cute clothing there from the pretty and elegant to the delightfully tastefully trampy. Their prices are quite reasonable with a discount for group members, frequent sales, and LOTS of raffles for gift cards. If you haven’t ever been there, go soon!


Enjoy your weekends! And don’t forget to check out Seraphim for the weekend’s sales events AND Fifty Linden Friday!

Outfit 1:

Outfit: Intern by Neve

Hair: Fallon by MOON

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

Earrings: Abigail by Amala

Outfit 2:

Top: Monica by Azuchi

Skirt: Steffi Miniskirt by PiZaZZ

Stockings: Lace Back Seam by AVICANDY

Boots: Carly by KC Couture

Hair: April by TRUTH

Bracelet: Silver Bracelet Watch with Bangles by Heartsdale Jewelry

Earrings: Hoop Earrings by Izzie’s