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Delayed Insanyaty

(Ugh…that’s the best I can do with that title?)

My personal dance floor!

Before we start, please forgive me for my long and rather unexplained break. I was…well…if I’m honest, lazy. The times I’d pop onto SL with the best intentions I wound up having just too much fun. Today, however, I resolved that I would have fun and get my blogging on!

Oh! A spot of news! Belleza updated their mesh body to include Bento hands, and there was much rejoicing! With that in mind, I’ve switched over to my Belleza Freya body on a semi-permanent basis. I’ll miss my Maitreya exclusives, but I just like the way I look in Freya more. Enough chit-chat, let’s talk fashion!

Gotta dance! Thanks to Superharry for the AWESOME tunes!

This afternoon the AMAZING Superharry Kingmaker was spinning 70s and 80s disco and dance tunes at one of my favorite clubs on the grid, Cling. I think I’ve talked about Cling in the past, but it’s my second home-away-from-home. I love it here, and if you’re ever in the mood for a little nylon or latex and some fantastic tunes with some amazing company, you should come by!

I’m wearing Soraia from Insanya which is at this month’s The Season’s Story event. I love Insanya. LOVE them. They just exemplify tastefully trampy with a high quality, fun, and rather reasonably priced array of pieces from this sexy dress to skirts that bare the entirety of one’s bottom (I have that one too).

The pantyhose are from Bebe, and thankfully they use an Omega applier so I’ll still be able to wear them! LOVE how my curvier (my niece told me the word is thicc, spelled just like that, but I just can’t quite bring myself to say it) thighs, backside, and calves look with nylons, leggings, tight jeans, etc.

My Happy Ass Monday candidate – Hi Flickr peeps!


❤  -K.

What I’m Wearing

Dress: Soraia from Insanya (Currently Available at The Season’s Story)

Nylons: Seduction from Bebe (MP Link)

Shoes: Malia by KC Couture

Hair: G0911 by tram

P.S. The party got a tiny bit wild…

I figured the dance pole wasn’t just there for decoration…


Even Whores Need Couture

Okay…no jokes about “streetwalking”…

The Whore Couture Fair is here! Running through the end of the month, my favorite annual event in SL (and my most budget-destroying) will be open for the vending of all things running the spectrum between the pleasantly sexy to the tastefully trampy to the outright slutty…and I love it all.

I think my favorite thing about the WCF is how unabashed it is. This is a fair that recognizes that people like sex. People like looking sexy even to the point of looking downright, well, whore-y (not a word, but I think it works in this context). And there is absolutely zero wrong with it. If it’s not your bag, that’s totally cool, there are zillions of other shopping events for you, but this one is my favorite.

No…this isn’t just a zoomed in version of that last picture…for reals!

I tried to go almost all WCF today; I’m wearing the April harness and April lace vest from United Colors with the Jenna shorts from Insanya (LOVE Insanya – have I said that before?). The hair is Miya from Limerence, also available at the Fair.

Before signing off, I wanted to give a little advice to those visiting the WCF this month:

  1. It’s crowded AF. Be ready for TP fails. I had to hammer my way in using the Seraphim HUD.
  2. They’ve instituted some pretty stringent limits on scripts to try and reduce lag. I wound up removing nearly everything but some unscripted hair and applier undies. Jewelry, mesh clothing, any mesh bits, shoes, AO…get rid of as much as you can or they’ll bounce you right out.
  3. Demo away from the fair. I grabbed armloads of demos and popped home (where I could get my AO and such back on) before demo’ing. It’s really the only way to know if that blistering hot lingerie is going to fit right when you have the sultry turned up to 11 and your special someone sits slack-jawed in a lust-crazed awe and…you get where I’m going with this.

I’ve visited the WCF twice and you can bet I’ll be back – shout at me if you see me! 🙂

Gratuitous Booty Shot – GO!

This again?

What I’m Wearing:

Harness: April Harness by United Colors (Whore Couture Fair)

Vest: April Vest by United Colors (Whore Couture Fair)

Shorts: Jenna Shorts by Insanya (Whore Couture Fair)

Shoes: Malia by KC Couture

Hair: Miya by Limerence (Whore Couture Fair)


❤  -K.

Having a Chenogasm! (My Cheongsam Evening)

Chenogasm!!! *laughs*

That title is a little joke. When I was first exposed to this absolutely beautiful style of dress, I could have sworn the name was Chenogasm…as in rhyming with orgasm. It reduced me to giggles every time I saw it in text, wondering why it would have such an unusual name.

Particle water spraying makes for a cool background!

I have since, of course, learned the truth about the Cheongsam dress, and just how absolutely beautiful they are. They’re sexy and gorgeous, elegant and playful, suggestive and classy, exotic and wonderful, and you should have one in your closet.

My favorite is this one here from Kaithleen’s. The fatpack might set you back a sizable piece of your clothing budget, but it comes with a bountiful array of textures, including the more traditional florals as well as solid colors. I never regret having made the plunge with it. I have some cheongsam-style dresses from other designers, and they’re nice, sure, but this is the one I come back to every, every time. Not only is it perfect for a night out on the town, when trying to impress a date (I can speak from experience that it totally works for that), and it looks pretty fantastic strolling around the streets of London on a foggy night.

(Not that kind of strolling!)

Suns coming up…sort of.

I’m wearing it with pantyhose from Nena, which include a…errr…slightly more adventurous ‘pulled down’ version which I’ve not shown here, but certainly could have it’s time and place. The shoes are from KC Couture, which has more cute tootsie wear from floor to ceiling than one can shake a stick at (not to mention some cute jewelry and piercings too).

Okay, friends, shopping time!

❤   -K.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Cheongsam Dress – Kaithleen’s

Pantyhose: Pantyhose v1 – Nena (MP)

Shoes: Adalia – KC Couture

Hair: G0911 – tram


Keyli v Halloween

I have to make a confession. I don’t know that it’s going to be very popular, but here goes.

deep breath

I don’t really like Halloween.

I’m just not very good with scary, I have a hard time finding a costume that I really like and I always feel as if my costume looks poorly thought out and executed compared to some of the AMAZING costumes I see at Halloween parties in both my First and Second lives.

So…I think I’m going to masquerade as an amateur photographer with a fondness of taking pictures of herself in fun, flirty attire while visiting a spooky locale. It may not be very imaginative, but it’s honest! (And maybe I’ll carry a Captain America shield just for good measure.)


While the costume from the first pictures is no longer available (I looked and looked and just couldn’t find it!), the hair is my go-to short hair by Truth, called Anouk. Isn’t it just cute as all get-out???

The dress is from Kaithleen’s, whom I’ve gushed over in the past. Absolutely one of the best places on the grid for women’s attire (and some lingerie that won’t heat up the boudoir, it will burn it to the darn ground). I love wearing pantyhose in SL; they make my legs look phenomenal AND they aren’t quite the pain in the rear they can be IRL. These are from Style, which is one of my fave places for pantyhose – the gorgeous selection they have is out of this world. The hair? Once again…Truth.


Ha! Captain America defeats the gratuitous booty shot! That’ll teach me.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Lace Mini Dress by Kaithleen’s

Pantyhose: Sensuel Seam Black by Style

Shoes: Adala by KC Couture

Hair: Deja by Truth

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

❤  -K.


My Fridays always begin to end a little bit like this. Relaxed business casual with the hair let down and a 99-cent margarita in hand, celebrating the beginning of our short reprieve with cheap alcohol and a good chat with my colleagues. Our only rule: no work talk.

I really love this outfit by Neve for two reasons. It really does just work for any sort of more professional get-together, and I think it would look just crazy sexy being torn off in the throes of passion.

And if the siren song of RL doesn’t sound, this is how my Friday’s end, at a good party in Second Life! Tonight I’m in some, errr, adventurous club apparel, looking forward to seeing (and being seen by) my good friends and friends I have yet to meet. I spent some my Friday night (and Saturday morning) at one of my favorite little clubs on the grid, Cling, a nylon/latex enthusiast club with two really good friends, Mopsi and Kylie, both of whom were kind enough to let me include them in my pictures. 🙂 Thanks, you two!

Cling is my Cheers. Everyone is friendly, the music is great, the owners, Isobel and Kylie, are not only beautiful, but really kind and just genuinely fun people, and we always have a great time chatting, dancing, and lounging about.

This skirt is by PiZaZZ, who REALLY should get a lot more respect as a designer. The owner, Brajeet, is an absolute sweetheart of a woman who takes care of her customers like no one else. They have super cute clothing there from the pretty and elegant to the delightfully tastefully trampy. Their prices are quite reasonable with a discount for group members, frequent sales, and LOTS of raffles for gift cards. If you haven’t ever been there, go soon!


Enjoy your weekends! And don’t forget to check out Seraphim for the weekend’s sales events AND Fifty Linden Friday!

Outfit 1:

Outfit: Intern by Neve

Hair: Fallon by MOON

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

Earrings: Abigail by Amala

Outfit 2:

Top: Monica by Azuchi

Skirt: Steffi Miniskirt by PiZaZZ

Stockings: Lace Back Seam by AVICANDY

Boots: Carly by KC Couture

Hair: April by TRUTH

Bracelet: Silver Bracelet Watch with Bangles by Heartsdale Jewelry

Earrings: Hoop Earrings by Izzie’s