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The ‘New’ Luxe Box

So I’ve gone through some trials and tribulations with the Luxe Box over the past few months. November was a disappointment, December it was back on form, but January brings changes in Luxe Box, and I made a decision.

Perfect for a walk in the park, no?

First off, the designers that participate in Luxe Box are all high quality, and nothing included in the subscription is ‘junk’. It’s just not for me. I want to make sure I make that part clear; Empire, Lamb, Moon, Ison, Foxes – all of them are quality and if their wares are your style, they’re very, very solid choices.

Luxe Box is making two big changes. Instead of the usual 12 items in each box, there will be 8 every month, and instead of the monthly rate of 1,500L to subscribe, it will set you back 1,000L to join the Luxe Box group. From a straight mathematical standpoint, that seems pretty fair, right? Lower the amount of items in the box by a third, lower the price by a third – all’s well. The thing is, fewer items means, say, two items that aren’t for me being the box being 25% “bad”. I’d rather pay the extra 500L and have a better chance of really enjoying my box rather than feeling disappointed at a quarter of my purchases.

Me trying to look lost in deep thought

So I made a decision. I made a small list of designers that have been in Luxe Box in the past. I’m going to check at the Luxe Box Boutique every month and if any of those designers are listed as participating, I’ll subscribe. If not, I’ll pass. I figure even one fat pack from Blueberry or Vinyl or any of the other designers on my list is worth 1,000L, and the rest is gravy, right?

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Royal Cardigan by ISON (Luxe Box, January 2018)

Skirt: Vandi by Decoy (Luxe Box, January 2018)

Shoes: Pointsettia (sic) by EMPIRE (Luxe Box, January 2018)

Hair: Yunkyung by Monso



Virtual Ephemera

I’m a fairly well-educated girl, but, I’ll confess, I didn’t really have a grasp on the definition of the word ephemera. Well, if there ever was a cause for an Internet search, this is it:

ephemera (noun): things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time

Huh…because when I think about Virtual Ephemera and the hours of time I’ve spent enjoying myself there, it seems like a bit of a misnomer. All the same, Virtual Ephemera is gorgeous and has a little something for everyone. Today I visited ‘The Henge’ at VE, an area reminiscent of Stonehenge, with a lovely copse of trees (and tree swings!) for exploring.

This pose could be a bit more ladylike…

Of course, this came after a little shopping trip to Uber and SaNaRae! I’m wearing a little sleeveless turtleneck from Fashionably Dead I found at Uber. I LOVE the texturing on it, and it’s just a super cute piece I could see myself wearing A LOT. Note to FD – fatpacks…please embrace them. I would’ve cheerfully bought the FP for this. This hair I tracked down at SaNaRae from [monso] called Yunkyung – an unusual name, but a gorgeous style. This is the first hair from [monso] I’ve added to my obscenely full hair vault, and it will not be the last.

Virtual Ephemera has a Mer area, a great beach for parties, a really beautiful and romantic villa, and about a dozen varied different areas making it ideal for exploration and photography. It’s an adult-rated sim, so go ahead and shoot those nudes or…do other activities that one might do in the nude!

(I meant swinging from a tree, of course.)

What I’m Wearing

Top: Knit Turtleneck by Fashionably Dead (at Uber)

Jeans: Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans by Addams

Shoes: Tiss Sandals by Pure Poison

Hair: Yunkyung by [monso] (at SaNaRae)


❤  -K.