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#SecondLifeChallenge – Love and Dating in Second Life

100 strokes…not THAT kind!!!

First off, I hope you’ll forgive me for my little break! I feel like I’m blaming more and more on this over the past few weeks, but I injured my right arm and working it too hard gets awfully painful after too long. It’s on the mend, but it still hurts. Hopefully, I’ll be back on my 1-2 posts a week schedule before long – thanks for sticking with me!

We’re back with this week’s #SecondLifeChallenge from Strawberry Singh, and it’s on an exciting, heartbreaking, breathtaking, uplifting, blissfully happy topic that also weighs in as soul-crushing and the number one seller of ice cream pints in the world – Love and Dating.

Let’s go to the questions!

Do you date in Second Life?

Absolutely – I love it! I love going out with someone interesting, whether it be sharing an SL interest like sailing or surfing or visiting art galleries, going dancing, checking out a musical performance, or even just exploring a pretty sim. There’s such a wonderful, exciting energy to dating; it’s full of potential and electricity and it’s never boring.

Share some locations in Second Life that you think are ideal to go to on a date.

I’ll share two. The first is Frank’s. Nota bene: Frank’s is a private club and the cost to join isn’t cheap. When I first joined it was 500L, it’s now up at 1,000L. Is that a lot? Absolutely. Is it worth it? If you ask me, yes. The sim is beautiful, the music and DJ’s are top notch, it’s the perfect spot for two people looking to spend some time together to get dressed to the nines and go dance, sit and talk, people-watch, or just walk about this really lovely sim.

(That’s KirkWilliams in the background and, yes, he is just that dreamy…)

Two is Virtual Ephemera. Ephemera is free, but that doesn’t make it any less special. There is SO much to do at Ephemera, and exploring it with a date is exciting and fun. There are plenty of places to stop and sit for a talk (or…something) and there are often DJs at the multiple party spots at the sim.

Exploring alone – not quite as fun, but Ephemera is still gorgeous.

Share a story of one of your favorite dates/proposals you’ve experienced in Second Life, or something someone has done for you that meant a lot.

The woman I’d been seeing had found out I liked riding motorcycles and suggested a specific route for an outing. We put on some riding gear and went for a ride across a sim I’d never visited. It was lovely: grassy meadows and trees surrounding a narrow road. After 15 minutes or so she suggested pulling over to take a break. We went offroad to this small hill overlooking a small lake where she’d left a picnic blanket, basket, and a plushy unicorn. Even though she and I have parted ways, I still have the unicorn.

Have you ever fallen in love in Second Life?

I have. It’s very different because on an intellectual level I knew full well this ‘ended’ when I logged out of Second Life, but it didn’t stop it from creeping into my mind even when I was nowhere near the grid. Musing over something we’d done together or something we’d planned for the future. I knew this wasn’t an RL relationship of any kind – I didn’t want it to be. It didn’t stop it from being immensely powerful and terribly painful when I realized it was over.

Have you ever gotten partnered or married in Second Life?

Once. I still adore my partner, and we spend a lot of time together, but ultimately a formal partnership wasn’t a great choice for either one of us. I think I’ll keep the details to myself, but just say my partner and I are much better as very close friends than as partners.

I’ve gotta run – I have a date! I’m being taken to an art exhibit. Wish me luck!

Which way back to my place? I’ve gotta get ready for my date!

What I’m Wearing:

In the tub…

Towel: Amara by erratic

Hair: Tiana by TRUTH

Tub: Mesh Bathtub by PrimPossible

On the town…

Dress: Iris by PiZazz (MP Only)

Hair: Fallon by Moon

In the…jungle???

Top: Kawaii Top by Candy Crunchers

Jeans: Sammy by Blueberry

Boots: Sammy Boots by Blueberry

Hair: Mary by FABIA


❤  -K.



My Fridays always begin to end a little bit like this. Relaxed business casual with the hair let down and a 99-cent margarita in hand, celebrating the beginning of our short reprieve with cheap alcohol and a good chat with my colleagues. Our only rule: no work talk.

I really love this outfit by Neve for two reasons. It really does just work for any sort of more professional get-together, and I think it would look just crazy sexy being torn off in the throes of passion.

And if the siren song of RL doesn’t sound, this is how my Friday’s end, at a good party in Second Life! Tonight I’m in some, errr, adventurous club apparel, looking forward to seeing (and being seen by) my good friends and friends I have yet to meet. I spent some my Friday night (and Saturday morning) at one of my favorite little clubs on the grid, Cling, a nylon/latex enthusiast club with two really good friends, Mopsi and Kylie, both of whom were kind enough to let me include them in my pictures. 🙂 Thanks, you two!

Cling is my Cheers. Everyone is friendly, the music is great, the owners, Isobel and Kylie, are not only beautiful, but really kind and just genuinely fun people, and we always have a great time chatting, dancing, and lounging about.

This skirt is by PiZaZZ, who REALLY should get a lot more respect as a designer. The owner, Brajeet, is an absolute sweetheart of a woman who takes care of her customers like no one else. They have super cute clothing there from the pretty and elegant to the delightfully tastefully trampy. Their prices are quite reasonable with a discount for group members, frequent sales, and LOTS of raffles for gift cards. If you haven’t ever been there, go soon!


Enjoy your weekends! And don’t forget to check out Seraphim for the weekend’s sales events AND Fifty Linden Friday!

Outfit 1:

Outfit: Intern by Neve

Hair: Fallon by MOON

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

Earrings: Abigail by Amala

Outfit 2:

Top: Monica by Azuchi

Skirt: Steffi Miniskirt by PiZaZZ

Stockings: Lace Back Seam by AVICANDY

Boots: Carly by KC Couture

Hair: April by TRUTH

Bracelet: Silver Bracelet Watch with Bangles by Heartsdale Jewelry

Earrings: Hoop Earrings by Izzie’s