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Optimism and the Art of Sailing

Sailing on Sunday with the RSYC.

Nearly every weekend I go sailing with the two yacht clubs of which I’m a member. The early cruise on Sundays is with the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club, and the afternoon cruise is with the Leeward Cruising Club. I’m still very much a neophyte sailor, but sailing has rapidly become one of my favorite activities in Second Life. It’s a passion I really want to share, so I thought I’d talk a bit about getting started if you want to give it a go yourself.

The BWind BBK – the perfect starter boat!

So this is a BWind BBK – it’s a one-man sailboat that you can get for the best price around: free! Stop by Tradewinds Yacht Club and pick one up. It comes with a notecard that has some pretty good rudimentary instructions and is pretty straightforward. There’s also a little ‘how-to’ video available. It’s a fun, agile little ship to sail that really gives a great feeling for sailing on a wind-powered vessel and has a great sense of speed. If you’ve ever been curious about sailing, this is where I would start. Get a free one, rez it at Tradewinds, skim the instructions, and set sail.

Bombing about in my BBK…which still needs a name…

Eventually, you’ll probably want a boat you can bring a few friends out in…or something bigger…or something that looks nice in pictures…or just something that’s just a little more fun to sail than the BBK. There are A LOT of options and I don’t want to tell you what to get. I can tell you what the first larger boat I bought for myself was, and that’s the Loonetta 31 by Motor Loon, which is what I’m sailing below. The Loonetta is a great beginner boat and I still sail mine very frequently. It’s also very reasonable as far as higher-end sailboats go at 3500L.

The Wind$hopper! Complete with custom Cling hull texture!

The next time you ask yourself, “What am I gonna do in SL today?”, pop over to Tradewinds, get yourself a free BBK and try sailing! Linden Labs absolutely nailed sailing in SL, it’s super fun, really rewarding, and there’s such a neat community surrounding it – many of whom I’m sailing with every weekend.

What I’m Wearing

Bikini Top: Leffe by erratic

Shorts: Carrie by erratic

Hair: HoneyAna by TRUTH




My Workout Routine

In the category of ‘something-else-weird-about-my-SL’, I get a strange satisfaction about going to the gym or getting out the yoga mat at home. Of course, I know this isn’t going to improve my avi’s health or help her trim her tummy or anything along those lines. I suppose the feeling is not unlike the sense of accomplishment I get when going to the gym in my First Life, only without the spin class guy yelling at me.

Even though I probably wouldn’t wear a track jacket for yoga on the deck, I couldn’t resist putting this one on because it is cute with a capital AF. This is from Belzebubble at this month’s 4Mesh event, which ends December 1. It comes with a nearly infinite array of colors, with a HUD allowing you to change the jacket color, the trim, the sleeves, the metals – I love that! The shorts are an old standby for me, Sylvia by Blueberry. When I wear older clothes by my favorite designers like Blueberry, Vinyl, Addams, PiZaZZ, Kaithleen’s, Insanya, or a big laundry list of others, I see exactly how far they’ve come. Not that their older clothing is poor, far from it – I love these shorts! I’m just saying their newer releases are out-of-this-world amazing. I can’t wait to see the future in clothing in Second Life.

Annnnnnnd this is how nearly all of my First Life workout sessions end, so why not SL as well? Who doesn’t love a nice nap?

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Track Jacket by Belzebubble at 4Mesh

Shorts: Sylvia by Blueberry

Shoes: Sneaker! by ROC

Hair: Tegan by Oleander

Yoga Mat: Yoga Mat Lazy Life by Chez Moi