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Delayed Insanyaty

(Ugh…that’s the best I can do with that title?)

My personal dance floor!

Before we start, please forgive me for my long and rather unexplained break. I was…well…if I’m honest, lazy. The times I’d pop onto SL with the best intentions I wound up having just too much fun. Today, however, I resolved that I would have fun and get my blogging on!

Oh! A spot of news! Belleza updated their mesh body to include Bento hands, and there was much rejoicing! With that in mind, I’ve switched over to my Belleza Freya body on a semi-permanent basis. I’ll miss my Maitreya exclusives, but I just like the way I look in Freya more. Enough chit-chat, let’s talk fashion!

Gotta dance! Thanks to Superharry for the AWESOME tunes!

This afternoon the AMAZING Superharry Kingmaker was spinning 70s and 80s disco and dance tunes at one of my favorite clubs on the grid, Cling. I think I’ve talked about Cling in the past, but it’s my second home-away-from-home. I love it here, and if you’re ever in the mood for a little nylon or latex and some fantastic tunes with some amazing company, you should come by!

I’m wearing Soraia from Insanya which is at this month’s The Season’s Story event. I love Insanya. LOVE them. They just exemplify tastefully trampy with a high quality, fun, and rather reasonably priced array of pieces from this sexy dress to skirts that bare the entirety of one’s bottom (I have that one too).

The pantyhose are from Bebe, and thankfully they use an Omega applier so I’ll still be able to wear them! LOVE how my curvier (my niece told me the word is thicc, spelled just like that, but I just can’t quite bring myself to say it) thighs, backside, and calves look with nylons, leggings, tight jeans, etc.

My Happy Ass Monday candidate – Hi Flickr peeps!


❤  -K.

What I’m Wearing

Dress: Soraia from Insanya (Currently Available at The Season’s Story)

Nylons: Seduction from Bebe (MP Link)

Shoes: Malia by KC Couture

Hair: G0911 by tram

P.S. The party got a tiny bit wild…

I figured the dance pole wasn’t just there for decoration…


Even Whores Need Couture

Okay…no jokes about “streetwalking”…

The Whore Couture Fair is here! Running through the end of the month, my favorite annual event in SL (and my most budget-destroying) will be open for the vending of all things running the spectrum between the pleasantly sexy to the tastefully trampy to the outright slutty…and I love it all.

I think my favorite thing about the WCF is how unabashed it is. This is a fair that recognizes that people like sex. People like looking sexy even to the point of looking downright, well, whore-y (not a word, but I think it works in this context). And there is absolutely zero wrong with it. If it’s not your bag, that’s totally cool, there are zillions of other shopping events for you, but this one is my favorite.

No…this isn’t just a zoomed in version of that last picture…for reals!

I tried to go almost all WCF today; I’m wearing the April harness and April lace vest from United Colors with the Jenna shorts from Insanya (LOVE Insanya – have I said that before?). The hair is Miya from Limerence, also available at the Fair.

Before signing off, I wanted to give a little advice to those visiting the WCF this month:

  1. It’s crowded AF. Be ready for TP fails. I had to hammer my way in using the Seraphim HUD.
  2. They’ve instituted some pretty stringent limits on scripts to try and reduce lag. I wound up removing nearly everything but some unscripted hair and applier undies. Jewelry, mesh clothing, any mesh bits, shoes, AO…get rid of as much as you can or they’ll bounce you right out.
  3. Demo away from the fair. I grabbed armloads of demos and popped home (where I could get my AO and such back on) before demo’ing. It’s really the only way to know if that blistering hot lingerie is going to fit right when you have the sultry turned up to 11 and your special someone sits slack-jawed in a lust-crazed awe and…you get where I’m going with this.

I’ve visited the WCF twice and you can bet I’ll be back – shout at me if you see me! 🙂

Gratuitous Booty Shot – GO!

This again?

What I’m Wearing:

Harness: April Harness by United Colors (Whore Couture Fair)

Vest: April Vest by United Colors (Whore Couture Fair)

Shorts: Jenna Shorts by Insanya (Whore Couture Fair)

Shoes: Malia by KC Couture

Hair: Miya by Limerence (Whore Couture Fair)


❤  -K.

The ‘New’ Luxe Box

So I’ve gone through some trials and tribulations with the Luxe Box over the past few months. November was a disappointment, December it was back on form, but January brings changes in Luxe Box, and I made a decision.

Perfect for a walk in the park, no?

First off, the designers that participate in Luxe Box are all high quality, and nothing included in the subscription is ‘junk’. It’s just not for me. I want to make sure I make that part clear; Empire, Lamb, Moon, Ison, Foxes – all of them are quality and if their wares are your style, they’re very, very solid choices.

Luxe Box is making two big changes. Instead of the usual 12 items in each box, there will be 8 every month, and instead of the monthly rate of 1,500L to subscribe, it will set you back 1,000L to join the Luxe Box group. From a straight mathematical standpoint, that seems pretty fair, right? Lower the amount of items in the box by a third, lower the price by a third – all’s well. The thing is, fewer items means, say, two items that aren’t for me being the box being 25% “bad”. I’d rather pay the extra 500L and have a better chance of really enjoying my box rather than feeling disappointed at a quarter of my purchases.

Me trying to look lost in deep thought

So I made a decision. I made a small list of designers that have been in Luxe Box in the past. I’m going to check at the Luxe Box Boutique every month and if any of those designers are listed as participating, I’ll subscribe. If not, I’ll pass. I figure even one fat pack from Blueberry or Vinyl or any of the other designers on my list is worth 1,000L, and the rest is gravy, right?

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Royal Cardigan by ISON (Luxe Box, January 2018)

Skirt: Vandi by Decoy (Luxe Box, January 2018)

Shoes: Pointsettia (sic) by EMPIRE (Luxe Box, January 2018)

Hair: Yunkyung by Monso


Virtual Ephemera

I’m a fairly well-educated girl, but, I’ll confess, I didn’t really have a grasp on the definition of the word ephemera. Well, if there ever was a cause for an Internet search, this is it:

ephemera (noun): things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time

Huh…because when I think about Virtual Ephemera and the hours of time I’ve spent enjoying myself there, it seems like a bit of a misnomer. All the same, Virtual Ephemera is gorgeous and has a little something for everyone. Today I visited ‘The Henge’ at VE, an area reminiscent of Stonehenge, with a lovely copse of trees (and tree swings!) for exploring.

This pose could be a bit more ladylike…

Of course, this came after a little shopping trip to Uber and SaNaRae! I’m wearing a little sleeveless turtleneck from Fashionably Dead I found at Uber. I LOVE the texturing on it, and it’s just a super cute piece I could see myself wearing A LOT. Note to FD – fatpacks…please embrace them. I would’ve cheerfully bought the FP for this. This hair I tracked down at SaNaRae from [monso] called Yunkyung – an unusual name, but a gorgeous style. This is the first hair from [monso] I’ve added to my obscenely full hair vault, and it will not be the last.

Virtual Ephemera has a Mer area, a great beach for parties, a really beautiful and romantic villa, and about a dozen varied different areas making it ideal for exploration and photography. It’s an adult-rated sim, so go ahead and shoot those nudes or…do other activities that one might do in the nude!

(I meant swinging from a tree, of course.)

What I’m Wearing

Top: Knit Turtleneck by Fashionably Dead (at Uber)

Jeans: Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans by Addams

Shoes: Tiss Sandals by Pure Poison

Hair: Yunkyung by [monso] (at SaNaRae)


❤  -K.






Peachy Keen

My good friend Njeri said there was a new beach opening this weekend and she had the line on getting an early tour of the place. Always one to take advantage of my friends graciously accept an implied invitation, I popped over to Heavenly Peach and had a look around.

(this is my ‘Serve already…’ game face…)

Before we go any further, Heavenly Peach is a female avatars-only, clothing optional beach. It might not be your bag, it might be right up your alley. I often have a really good time hanging out at similar establishments, and after a look around the island, I think this is going to be a regular haunt for me. One thing that really struck me about it was the perfect amount of furnishings – some beaches really cram the chairs and towels and fire pits and dance floors and furniture in, making navigation a little bit challenging. The folks who set up Heavenly Peach must’ve heard my grumblings as I bumped into every couch and chair walking from point A to point B on some other beaches.  There’s also plenty of room between hangout spots, so you aren’t constantly stepping on other conversations or walking into photos.

There are a few Asian-themed buildings for getting off the beach and chilling indoors, as well as an outdoor dance floor. It seems like the perfect place to get together with some friends, look out over the water and talk about the important matters of SL like…clothes. (You have your priorities, I have mine.) 😉

They also have VOLLEYBALL! I love volleyball! I can’t wait to get in some games of beach volleyball there.

(This is the requisite supermodel sexy beach pose shot. I’m fairly certain it’s a criminal offense not to shoot this shot when doing photos at a beach, and I don’t want to get into any trouble with the law.)

I’m wearing the Claire bikini from ViSion, which was a GROUP GIFT!!! It brings me no end of joy when a really great piece is a gift, and Claire is one of those. I’m a huge fan of ViSion and am absolutely beyond tickled that they’ll be contributing to the December Luxe Box (which comes out in two days!). If you aren’t a member of the ViSion group – you are so missing out, some of the group gifts are fantastic.

Heavenly Peach has a big grand opening event this weekend, Saturday, December 16 from 12-5pm SLT. Hope you’ll stop by – I could use always use a partner for volleyball.

What I’m Wearing

Bikini: Claire by ViSion

Hair: Nanao by ARGRACE

Shades: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style


Late Nights and Sleepy Mornings


Some Friday nights, even after being up way too late enjoying SL after a margarita or two, I just can’t find sleep. Those nights I often wind up skimming the MP, reading other blogs, poring over Flickr, or just bouncing from page to page hoping sleep is right around the corner.




Tonight I’m wearing some new socks by erratic which are on sale, but just this weekend! At 99L each they’re a steal by themselves, but half of that will be returned in the form of erratic store credit (and, to be honest, I can ALWAYS use erratic store credit). Many of the new socks have kind of a wintry, holiday theme and are not to be missed. The hair is called Faryn from TRUTH, and you can find it at Uber until December 23rd (and probably at the TRUTH main store not long thereafter).



(And yes…finally I did get to sleep. The bad thing about really late nights – they lead to really late mornings. Thankfully, on Saturday, that’s not a bad thing at all.)


What I’m Wearing:

Top: Kim by Addams

Panties: Cheeky Panties by enertia

Socks: Eva by erratic

Hair: Faryn by TRUTH (at Uber)


Kink(y) in Pink(y)

(Oh gosh…that title! It was late and I had title writer’s block…)

I don’t think it’s going to shock anyone that I LOVE shopping events. I love checking Seraphim before going to make a little shopping list, I love rubbing elbows with the crowd, I love trying on demos, and I love getting new clothes! Today’s shopping event was Kinky, and the dress…well…it’s not something you’re going to wear to church…

The dress is Gia by Asteria. Aside from being a sexy asymmetric minidress in its own right, it’s…well…let’s say drafty. You’ll see what I mean. The dress includes a HUD with numerous texture options for the attached panties. The stockings are applier-based from FnH; I’ve had these for EVER and they still look fantastic. They also come with a g-string and suspender belt version that is just sizzling with the right skirt or dress and comes with a HUD that offers black, white, pink, and nude color options.

(The shoes are by Essenz, but are, sadly, from February’s BishBox and aren’t available. They sure are cute though…)

And, as I am wont to do, I’m hanging at Cling with some of my besties at my favorite club on the grid. I really love the snowfall effect. (It looks much better in person, have a peek sometime!)

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Gia by Asteria (Kinky Shopping Event)

Stockings: Say It Stockings by FnH

Shoes: Tokyo by Essenz (February 2017 BishBox)

Hair: Kare by TRUTH

Oh no…this again???

❤  -K.




Monday, Monday (on Tuesday)

I spend a lot of my Monday mornings just like this. My fingers poised above and hammering away at a keyboard, bottom lip wrenched to one side and bit down upon while noodling away at a thought or a problem, wishing I was dressed much like I am here, in something fun and comfy as opposed to…office-y.

On a more cheerful note, my Luxe Box arrived Sunday! If you’re not familiar with Luxe Box, think of it as a subscription Christmas (or the surprise gift holiday of your choice). One subscribes every month for 1500L, and, on the 15th, is delivered 10-12 items of clothing, footwear, hair, furniture, and fun knick-knacks. I’m never disappointed in this – the top I’m wearing is a fatpack that likely would have sold for about 800-1000L at a shopping event – I got it along with 11 other items for the bargain price of 1500L.

I know some folks don’t like the unknown element to the Luxe Box…what if you don’t get something you want? I suppose that’s a possibility, but I’ve been getting my monthly Luxe Box for 18 months now and it’s never let me down.

Today’s post features four of my favorite items from this month.

The top is a cute little sweater from Paper Arrow, which had me squee’ing gleefully the second I put it on. I love the style, I love the texture (I can practically FEEL the warm fabric against me), and the little heart cut-out is just playfully flirty in a way that makes me happy.

The socks are from NX-Nardcotix, and come in ten textures for either high or flat feet. I actually wear really similar socks for knocking around the house, so these popping up in my LB made me grin.

This hair is from Moon. If I’m honest, Moon hair isn’t always my favorite – it’s always incredible quality and includes a myriad of colors and ombres, but it’s just not quite ‘my style’…until today. This one is JUST RIGHT for me – I put it on Sunday morning around 1:00 AM SLT and haven’t taken it off since. The darker roots of the ombre with the really lovely blond just hit all the right notes for me, and it’s made me reconsider all of the Moon hairs in my inventory – maybe there’s one that really deserves a second look!

While one can’t really get a good look at it in this picture, I’m reclining on a wagon by Tarte (from the October Luxe Box, natch) that looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s got an amazing weathered wood texture that I can just feel as I imagine running my fingertips over it, the rough grain of the wood against my skin, the cool heads of the nails, darkened and maybe even slightly rusted with time. The lights strung around it are charming and very romantic, making it a perfect setting for the couple animations (both PG and not-so-PG rated) included. I’m sure I’ll use it for photos again soon.

Oh now come on, self, this little trademark is getting out of hand! (Although, let’s be fair, these little shorts are sexycute AF, right?)

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Heart.Sweater by Paper Arrow Co (October 2017 Luxe Box)

Shorts: Sporty Pants by #EMPIRE

Hair: Babeh by Moon Hair (October 2017 Luxe Box)

Socks: Annie by NX-Nardcotix (October 2017 Luxe Box)

Earrings: Le Kitty Earrings by Noodles

Bracelets: Friendship Bracelet (Gacha) by *BOOM*

(Those friendship bracelets from BOOM are ADORABLE with a capital A, and are one of my favorite little gifts to give.)

❤  -K.


Fifty Linden Magic!

I start every morning about the same, a coffee and a blueberry muffin from the café down the road from my office, a little peek through the Washington Post online, and then perusing Seraphim. If you’re at all into fashion in Second Life, or if you just like picking up a cute new top every now and again, I cannot recommend this enough. This morning, being Friday, Seraphim had a big post on today’s Fifty Linden Friday, which led to my Friday night Fifty Linden Shopping Excursion.

I’m wearing a pair of items from today’s FLF haul. The first is the Alisa ‘smiling skulls’ skirt from Vinyl. It really makes me grin and screams playful and flirty while being perfectly appropriate for getting down with the ghouls and goblins in a Second Life nightclub.

I’ve got another gem (or pair of gems) on my tootsies: the Hocus Heels from REIGN. Nothing says Halloween spookiness like bats, particularly when they’re on cute shoes that only set me back 50L$! To complete my budget-minded theme, I’m pairing it with a group gift top from Blueberry that, if you don’t already own, you should port there right now and pick it up. Did I mention it’s free?

(Yes…another booty shot – sometimes I can’t help myself!)



Top: Lace Top by Blueberry

Skirt: Alisa by VINYL

Stockings: Wicked Stockings ‘Spell On You’ by AVICANDY (MP Only)

Shoes: Hocus by REIGN

Hair: Kare by TRUTH

Glasses: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style

Watch/Bracelets: Alice Watch by RealEvil

Rings: Lost Rings by Ama


This post might just be a day late and a few Linden short, but if I get just one of you all to stop by ViSion over the next few days, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

Until October 15 (LUXE BOX DAY!!!), EVERYTHING at ViSion is half off. Which means all of the amazing tops, skirts, dresses, swimwear and head-turningly-sexy lingerie will made a significantly smaller dent in your L$ budget. I grabbed something old (meaning I’d owned it a while) and something new from ViSion along with some dynamite shoes from Essenz from the February BishBox.

I looooooove this skirt. Short skirts are so prevalent in SL, but ones with such a lovely texture and a great fit like these from ViSion are a really happy addition to my wardrobe.

The top, also from ViSion, natch, has some really nice texturing. The, as my very good friend Isobel puts it, ‘pokies’ are something of a point of personal taste – I’ve spoken with friends who find them tawdry and cheap and repellent, and then there are people like me who find them wonderfully tastefully trampy. I think this top is fantastic – I also have it in pink and it pairs wonderfully with some cute jeans.

Remember, you only have until the 15th! I totally recommend stopping by.

Top: Shade Top by ViSion

Skirt: Shade Skirt by ViSion

Shoes: Tokyo by Essenz  (From February BishBox – I’m unsure of availability 😦  )

Bracelets: Geometric Moon Cuffs by Yummy

Hair: Misaki by ARGRACE

Rings: Luxy Rings by RealEvil

Facial Piercings by PUNCH

Cleavage Piercing by Meva

Gratuitous booty shot in 5…4…3…2…1…

* Thanks to everyone who came by and read my first post – you guys have been really kind with your feedback.

❤ -K.