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Optimism and the Art of Sailing

Sailing on Sunday with the RSYC.

Nearly every weekend I go sailing with the two yacht clubs of which I’m a member. The early cruise on Sundays is with the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club, and the afternoon cruise is with the Leeward Cruising Club. I’m still very much a neophyte sailor, but sailing has rapidly become one of my favorite activities in Second Life. It’s a passion I really want to share, so I thought I’d talk a bit about getting started if you want to give it a go yourself.

The BWind BBK – the perfect starter boat!

So this is a BWind BBK – it’s a one-man sailboat that you can get for the best price around: free! Stop by Tradewinds Yacht Club and pick one up. It comes with a notecard that has some pretty good rudimentary instructions and is pretty straightforward. There’s also a little ‘how-to’ video available. It’s a fun, agile little ship to sail that really gives a great feeling for sailing on a wind-powered vessel and has a great sense of speed. If you’ve ever been curious about sailing, this is where I would start. Get a free one, rez it at Tradewinds, skim the instructions, and set sail.

Bombing about in my BBK…which still needs a name…

Eventually, you’ll probably want a boat you can bring a few friends out in…or something bigger…or something that looks nice in pictures…or just something that’s just a little more fun to sail than the BBK. There are A LOT of options and I don’t want to tell you what to get. I can tell you what the first larger boat I bought for myself was, and that’s the Loonetta 31 by Motor Loon, which is what I’m sailing below. The Loonetta is a great beginner boat and I still sail mine very frequently. It’s also very reasonable as far as higher-end sailboats go at 3500L.

The Wind$hopper! Complete with custom Cling hull texture!

The next time you ask yourself, “What am I gonna do in SL today?”, pop over to Tradewinds, get yourself a free BBK and try sailing! Linden Labs absolutely nailed sailing in SL, it’s super fun, really rewarding, and there’s such a neat community surrounding it – many of whom I’m sailing with every weekend.

What I’m Wearing

Bikini Top: Leffe by erratic

Shorts: Carrie by erratic

Hair: HoneyAna by TRUTH




#SecondLifeChallenge – Love and Dating in Second Life

100 strokes…not THAT kind!!!

First off, I hope you’ll forgive me for my little break! I feel like I’m blaming more and more on this over the past few weeks, but I injured my right arm and working it too hard gets awfully painful after too long. It’s on the mend, but it still hurts. Hopefully, I’ll be back on my 1-2 posts a week schedule before long – thanks for sticking with me!

We’re back with this week’s #SecondLifeChallenge from Strawberry Singh, and it’s on an exciting, heartbreaking, breathtaking, uplifting, blissfully happy topic that also weighs in as soul-crushing and the number one seller of ice cream pints in the world – Love and Dating.

Let’s go to the questions!

Do you date in Second Life?

Absolutely – I love it! I love going out with someone interesting, whether it be sharing an SL interest like sailing or surfing or visiting art galleries, going dancing, checking out a musical performance, or even just exploring a pretty sim. There’s such a wonderful, exciting energy to dating; it’s full of potential and electricity and it’s never boring.

Share some locations in Second Life that you think are ideal to go to on a date.

I’ll share two. The first is Frank’s. Nota bene: Frank’s is a private club and the cost to join isn’t cheap. When I first joined it was 500L, it’s now up at 1,000L. Is that a lot? Absolutely. Is it worth it? If you ask me, yes. The sim is beautiful, the music and DJ’s are top notch, it’s the perfect spot for two people looking to spend some time together to get dressed to the nines and go dance, sit and talk, people-watch, or just walk about this really lovely sim.

(That’s KirkWilliams in the background and, yes, he is just that dreamy…)

Two is Virtual Ephemera. Ephemera is free, but that doesn’t make it any less special. There is SO much to do at Ephemera, and exploring it with a date is exciting and fun. There are plenty of places to stop and sit for a talk (or…something) and there are often DJs at the multiple party spots at the sim.

Exploring alone – not quite as fun, but Ephemera is still gorgeous.

Share a story of one of your favorite dates/proposals you’ve experienced in Second Life, or something someone has done for you that meant a lot.

The woman I’d been seeing had found out I liked riding motorcycles and suggested a specific route for an outing. We put on some riding gear and went for a ride across a sim I’d never visited. It was lovely: grassy meadows and trees surrounding a narrow road. After 15 minutes or so she suggested pulling over to take a break. We went offroad to this small hill overlooking a small lake where she’d left a picnic blanket, basket, and a plushy unicorn. Even though she and I have parted ways, I still have the unicorn.

Have you ever fallen in love in Second Life?

I have. It’s very different because on an intellectual level I knew full well this ‘ended’ when I logged out of Second Life, but it didn’t stop it from creeping into my mind even when I was nowhere near the grid. Musing over something we’d done together or something we’d planned for the future. I knew this wasn’t an RL relationship of any kind – I didn’t want it to be. It didn’t stop it from being immensely powerful and terribly painful when I realized it was over.

Have you ever gotten partnered or married in Second Life?

Once. I still adore my partner, and we spend a lot of time together, but ultimately a formal partnership wasn’t a great choice for either one of us. I think I’ll keep the details to myself, but just say my partner and I are much better as very close friends than as partners.

I’ve gotta run – I have a date! I’m being taken to an art exhibit. Wish me luck!

Which way back to my place? I’ve gotta get ready for my date!

What I’m Wearing:

In the tub…

Towel: Amara by erratic

Hair: Tiana by TRUTH

Tub: Mesh Bathtub by PrimPossible

On the town…

Dress: Iris by PiZazz (MP Only)

Hair: Fallon by Moon

In the…jungle???

Top: Kawaii Top by Candy Crunchers

Jeans: Sammy by Blueberry

Boots: Sammy Boots by Blueberry

Hair: Mary by FABIA


❤  -K.

#SecondLifeChallenge – Winter Scenes

So there’s another one of these like right below this, so I hope you check it out too, but let’s go! Today’s(being Monday, December 18) #SecondLifeChallenge from my hero, Strawberry Singh, goes something like this:

Here are the instructions for the #SecondLifeChallenge this week: Share a picture or video of a winter scene in Second Life. Tell us a bit about the location and/or what you are wearing.

Like Cary Elwes (who looked SO hot in this movie) said, “As you wish.”

I’m at the Garden of Whimsy Winter Wonderland, which has everything a winter explorer could desire – ice skating, snow, sleighs, beautiful trees and some wonderfully colorful and festive light displays. I spent the evening exploring and had a fantastic time.

I’m wearing a turtleneck sweater from the Paper Arrow, which came in the December Luxe Box! If you remember, the November box was something of a disappointment for me, but December has REALLY made up for it. I’m working on another set of pictures wearing some of my favorites from December, look for that post soon!

So after all that exploration in the cold while wearing a really, really weather-inappropriate denim miniskirt, I returned home to find my close friend, Danni, under the Christmas tree for a romantic cuddle. I don’t know that I can think of a better way to wrap up an evening spent exploring the winter wonderlands of Second Life.

What I’m wearing:

Sweater: Cozy Turtleneck by Paper Arrow Co (December 2017 Luxe Box)

Skirt: Denim Skirt by Blueberry (January 2017 Luxe Box)

Boots: Autumn by REIGN

Hair: Irenka by Truth


❤  -K.



Late Nights and Sleepy Mornings


Some Friday nights, even after being up way too late enjoying SL after a margarita or two, I just can’t find sleep. Those nights I often wind up skimming the MP, reading other blogs, poring over Flickr, or just bouncing from page to page hoping sleep is right around the corner.




Tonight I’m wearing some new socks by erratic which are on sale, but just this weekend! At 99L each they’re a steal by themselves, but half of that will be returned in the form of erratic store credit (and, to be honest, I can ALWAYS use erratic store credit). Many of the new socks have kind of a wintry, holiday theme and are not to be missed. The hair is called Faryn from TRUTH, and you can find it at Uber until December 23rd (and probably at the TRUTH main store not long thereafter).



(And yes…finally I did get to sleep. The bad thing about really late nights – they lead to really late mornings. Thankfully, on Saturday, that’s not a bad thing at all.)


What I’m Wearing:

Top: Kim by Addams

Panties: Cheeky Panties by enertia

Socks: Eva by erratic

Hair: Faryn by TRUTH (at Uber)


Kink(y) in Pink(y)

(Oh gosh…that title! It was late and I had title writer’s block…)

I don’t think it’s going to shock anyone that I LOVE shopping events. I love checking Seraphim before going to make a little shopping list, I love rubbing elbows with the crowd, I love trying on demos, and I love getting new clothes! Today’s shopping event was Kinky, and the dress…well…it’s not something you’re going to wear to church…

The dress is Gia by Asteria. Aside from being a sexy asymmetric minidress in its own right, it’s…well…let’s say drafty. You’ll see what I mean. The dress includes a HUD with numerous texture options for the attached panties. The stockings are applier-based from FnH; I’ve had these for EVER and they still look fantastic. They also come with a g-string and suspender belt version that is just sizzling with the right skirt or dress and comes with a HUD that offers black, white, pink, and nude color options.

(The shoes are by Essenz, but are, sadly, from February’s BishBox and aren’t available. They sure are cute though…)

And, as I am wont to do, I’m hanging at Cling with some of my besties at my favorite club on the grid. I really love the snowfall effect. (It looks much better in person, have a peek sometime!)

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Gia by Asteria (Kinky Shopping Event)

Stockings: Say It Stockings by FnH

Shoes: Tokyo by Essenz (February 2017 BishBox)

Hair: Kare by TRUTH

Oh no…this again???

❤  -K.




#SecondLifeChallenge – Never Have I Ever…

My blogging mentor and inspiration (whether she knows it or not), Strawberry Singh, is taking a short break from her blog. I really hope she’ll be back soon. Since I wanted to keep up with the #SecondLifeChallenge, I went back through some of her old challenges and picked out one that sounded fun. It’s based on one of my favorite drinking games, Never Have I Ever. If you’re not familiar, each player takes a turn stating something they haven’t done (usually something tawdry or untoward) and everyone else in the group who has done the tawdry or untoward activity mentioned has to drink.

I’ll wait while you all go pour some tequila shots and then we’ll continue…

Go on now…

  1. Never have I ever had sex, in Second Life. Oh no. I have. Often. Usually more than once a week. Sex is fun! I can’t help it.
  2. Never have I ever visited a sex sim, in Second Life. – I’ve done this too. I visit the Keyhole and the Public Shower on occasion. There are a number of clubs and beaches that don’t specifically self-identify as a sex sim, but given the ‘meat-market’ atmosphere and the amount of public sex that goes on, there isn’t much difference.
  3. Never have I ever been an escort or stripper, in Second Life. – And now I’m three for three. I recently returned to my position as a dancer and escort at Bare Assets. And you should go there, even if it’s just to hang out. While I’m not necessarily trying to shill for the club at which I work, everyone there is really nice and it’s a fun atmosphere. That and my boss and colleagues are out of this world gorgeous and some of my best SL friends. (Love to Crezi & co.!)
  4. Never have I ever been in porn videos in Second Life. – Yay! I get a temporary reprieve from the drinking! I’ve never done porn videos. (I’ve been in a fair amount of pictures that are little more than porn, but never a video.)
  5. Never have I ever done things that may be illegal in the real world, in Second Life. – Pass the lime. I’ve enjoyed some mind-altering substances in SL of which the local law enforcement would not approve.
  6. Never have I ever created an ALT for secret activities, in Second Life. – Well…yes and no. It wasn’t for secret, illicit activities. It was just to try out something different in SL that I could never do with Keyli. I actually kind of miss it.
  7. Never have I ever had a one night stand, in Second Life. – See answers 1 and 2. I’m running out of salt.
  8. Never have I ever been part of a roleplay community, in Second Life. – Not necessarily a community, but I would REALLY like to. I’ve kind of experimented as a temporary visitor in a few roleplay sims, but I’m just not ready to completely commit to it – I just don’t have the time.
  9. Never have I ever discovered a new fetish, because of Second Life. – I have. And, no, I’m not going into it.
  10. Never have I ever done things in Second Life that I wouldn’t admit to my friends or family. – All. The. Time. I would say my First Life friends and family know about 1% of what goes on here in my SL.

So that’s, say, 7.5 out of 10. After more than seven tequila shots I would be on the floor, and the hangover would be brutal. So what’s your score? Are you more think than I drunk you are?


What I’m wearing:

Top: Romy by Blueberry

Skirt: Kyla by Blueberry

Bra: Peek-A-Boo by Reborn

Shoes: Dolly Plats by REIGN

Hair: Scout by Truth



#SecondLifeChallenge – Google Me!

  1. Google your Second Life name in “quotations” and share your results. 1,160 results – not bad, considering I don’t really have much of a presence.
  2. What are the first 5 links that come up? My Flickr (it’s easy enough to find, but some of the photos are NSFW), my blog, my Avatarbook (which I don’t really use), my DeviantArt (which I created to enjoy a new friend’s artwork years ago), and the staff Facebook page for Hathor’s Garden, a club at which I was a Hostess a few years back.
  3. Click on the “Images” tab and tell us where the first 5 images are from. The first is my Avatarbook profile picture (and WAY out of date), the second is an Avatarbook profile picture I liked, the rest are all from the blog.
  4. Click on the “Videos” tab and share your results, if any. Not a one.
  5. Click on the “News” tab and share your results, if any. Again, not a one.
  6. Did any of the results surprise you? I had completely forgotten about the DeviantArt page, and was surprised Hathor’s Garden appeared before my own FB page.
  7. Are you satisfied with your results or wish they were different in any way? I would have liked for my Facebook page to appear in the top five and for my blog to appear first.

A wink and a grin because the phrase ‘googling yourself’ still makes me laugh.

What I’m Wearing…

Top: Aira Hoodie by Ricielli (At Cosmopolitan)

Jeans: Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans by Addams

Shoes: Baby’s Breath by #EMPIRE

Hair: Anouk by TRUTH

Earrings: Madeline by Amala

❤  -K.



I mentioned in a recent #SecondLifeChallenge that I actually put myself into something resembling PJs when I go to sleep. I know it’s a bit of a strange habit, but I love the immersion of it. It really does put a nice punctuation mark at the end of an evening in Second Life.

I’m wearing a tank from Vinyl, which is beautiful in its simplicity. I think it has a wonderful visual feel, and while this texture was exclusive to the ForMax event, the top is available in numerous others at Vinyl.

My leggings are from Blueberry, and were the subject of a little controversy there – as much as leggings could be a source of controversy. Blueberry put out another set of similar leggings earlier in the year, and there were some customers upset that a new one was released. Honestly, I don’t understand what all the fuss was about. If you’re not happy with a release, save your money and don’t buy it. These new leggings made my bootie look AMAZING and were great as sleepwear or to about any casual affair. I’m getting plenty of wear out of mine.

I may have had a little company…

What I’m wearing

Top – Tolman by Vinyl

Leggings – Poppy by Blueberry

Hair – Athena by TRUTH

(Rainbow friendship bracelet from BOOM! and Piercings from PUNCH)

Sweet dreams!

❤  -K.


Keyli v Halloween

I have to make a confession. I don’t know that it’s going to be very popular, but here goes.

deep breath

I don’t really like Halloween.

I’m just not very good with scary, I have a hard time finding a costume that I really like and I always feel as if my costume looks poorly thought out and executed compared to some of the AMAZING costumes I see at Halloween parties in both my First and Second lives.

So…I think I’m going to masquerade as an amateur photographer with a fondness of taking pictures of herself in fun, flirty attire while visiting a spooky locale. It may not be very imaginative, but it’s honest! (And maybe I’ll carry a Captain America shield just for good measure.)


While the costume from the first pictures is no longer available (I looked and looked and just couldn’t find it!), the hair is my go-to short hair by Truth, called Anouk. Isn’t it just cute as all get-out???

The dress is from Kaithleen’s, whom I’ve gushed over in the past. Absolutely one of the best places on the grid for women’s attire (and some lingerie that won’t heat up the boudoir, it will burn it to the darn ground). I love wearing pantyhose in SL; they make my legs look phenomenal AND they aren’t quite the pain in the rear they can be IRL. These are from Style, which is one of my fave places for pantyhose – the gorgeous selection they have is out of this world. The hair? Once again…Truth.


Ha! Captain America defeats the gratuitous booty shot! That’ll teach me.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Lace Mini Dress by Kaithleen’s

Pantyhose: Sensuel Seam Black by Style

Shoes: Adala by KC Couture

Hair: Deja by Truth

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

❤  -K.

Turn and Face the Strange

Not long ago…like a few weeks, maybe, I wrote this:

I have a bit of Bento Head anxiety, and it’s ironic because it is for many of the same reasons I had Mesh Head anxiety in the first place. I remember being afraid I’d “lose my look”… I’m worried that if I do pick up a Bento Mesh head I will lose my current look. That said, however, part of me wonders if it would be a similar experience – would I find a head/shape/skin that I felt captured “me” better than my current look?

Sooooo…after a (very) small personal financial windfall, spending an hour teeming with envy over my friend’s GORGEOUS new visage, and a third glass of wine, I steeled myself and ported to Lelutka, resolved that it was time to retire my lovely, but behind-the-times, Catwa Tumble mesh head and move forward. I bought a stack of lindens and sallied forth.

Over the next four hours, I demo’d seven heads from three different creators, three shapes, and four skins before finding one with which I really connected. One that was not me, but still me. I can liken it to hearing one’s voice recorded live – I can identify that it’s me speaking, but it sure doesn’t sound the way I hear it.

When the dust settled and the money was spent this is where I wound up:

Okay, so, this is with very little makeup and the shape still needs a little work, but when I look at this I don’t see someone who isn’t me – I see an evolution of my avatar, and for my money that’s Bento Mission Accomplished.

Speaking of makeup, I never realized how much Catwa applier makeup I have…I need to go shopping.

A little celebration dance on the deck of my Bandit 60 sailboat, christened the Nauti Animations!

The new look:

Head: Greer by Lelutka

Skin: Paris by YS&YS

What I’m wearing:

Top: Janelle ‘Pretty As Fuck’ by erratic

Jeans: DWL by Blueberry

Hair: Rumor by TRUTH

Bracelets: Friendship Bracelets by BOOM (of course!!!)

Earrings: Abigail by Amala


(The shape is a massaged version of the default combined with my previous shape.)

It’s going to take a while to gaze into the virtual mirror and see that face looking back; for a while I’m sure I will feel like I’m living in the wrong body (or at least the wrong face). I’m utterly certain of one thing, however, and that’s that I LOVE this look! And the animations! OMG when I wink or make a little face or smile or frown – it’s almost TOO human.

How did I do?

❤  -K.

PS: This week’s #SecondLifeChallenge from Strawberry Singh has to do with creating a scary Halloween avatar, and I’m not a big fan of scary, so I’m going to skip this week. I’ll be back next week!