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Peachy Keen

My good friend Njeri said there was a new beach opening this weekend and she had the line on getting an early tour of the place. Always one to take advantage of my friends graciously accept an implied invitation, I popped over to Heavenly Peach and had a look around.

(this is my ‘Serve already…’ game face…)

Before we go any further, Heavenly Peach is a female avatars-only, clothing optional beach. It might not be your bag, it might be right up your alley. I often have a really good time hanging out at similar establishments, and after a look around the island, I think this is going to be a regular haunt for me. One thing that really struck me about it was the perfect amount of furnishings – some beaches really cram the chairs and towels and fire pits and dance floors and furniture in, making navigation a little bit challenging. The folks who set up Heavenly Peach must’ve heard my grumblings as I bumped into every couch and chair walking from point A to point B on some other beaches.  There’s also plenty of room between hangout spots, so you aren’t constantly stepping on other conversations or walking into photos.

There are a few Asian-themed buildings for getting off the beach and chilling indoors, as well as an outdoor dance floor. It seems like the perfect place to get together with some friends, look out over the water and talk about the important matters of SL like…clothes. (You have your priorities, I have mine.) 😉

They also have VOLLEYBALL! I love volleyball! I can’t wait to get in some games of beach volleyball there.

(This is the requisite supermodel sexy beach pose shot. I’m fairly certain it’s a criminal offense not to shoot this shot when doing photos at a beach, and I don’t want to get into any trouble with the law.)

I’m wearing the Claire bikini from ViSion, which was a GROUP GIFT!!! It brings me no end of joy when a really great piece is a gift, and Claire is one of those. I’m a huge fan of ViSion and am absolutely beyond tickled that they’ll be contributing to the December Luxe Box (which comes out in two days!). If you aren’t a member of the ViSion group – you are so missing out, some of the group gifts are fantastic.

Heavenly Peach has a big grand opening event this weekend, Saturday, December 16 from 12-5pm SLT. Hope you’ll stop by – I could use always use a partner for volleyball.

What I’m Wearing

Bikini: Claire by ViSion

Hair: Nanao by ARGRACE

Shades: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style




This post might just be a day late and a few Linden short, but if I get just one of you all to stop by ViSion over the next few days, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

Until October 15 (LUXE BOX DAY!!!), EVERYTHING at ViSion is half off. Which means all of the amazing tops, skirts, dresses, swimwear and head-turningly-sexy lingerie will made a significantly smaller dent in your L$ budget. I grabbed something old (meaning I’d owned it a while) and something new from ViSion along with some dynamite shoes from Essenz from the February BishBox.

I looooooove this skirt. Short skirts are so prevalent in SL, but ones with such a lovely texture and a great fit like these from ViSion are a really happy addition to my wardrobe.

The top, also from ViSion, natch, has some really nice texturing. The, as my very good friend Isobel puts it, ‘pokies’ are something of a point of personal taste – I’ve spoken with friends who find them tawdry and cheap and repellent, and then there are people like me who find them wonderfully tastefully trampy. I think this top is fantastic – I also have it in pink and it pairs wonderfully with some cute jeans.

Remember, you only have until the 15th! I totally recommend stopping by.

Top: Shade Top by ViSion

Skirt: Shade Skirt by ViSion

Shoes: Tokyo by Essenz  (From February BishBox – I’m unsure of availability 😦  )

Bracelets: Geometric Moon Cuffs by Yummy

Hair: Misaki by ARGRACE

Rings: Luxy Rings by RealEvil

Facial Piercings by PUNCH

Cleavage Piercing by Meva

Gratuitous booty shot in 5…4…3…2…1…

* Thanks to everyone who came by and read my first post – you guys have been really kind with your feedback.

❤ -K.