Peachy Keen

My good friend Njeri said there was a new beach opening this weekend and she had the line on getting an early tour of the place. Always one to take advantage of my friends graciously accept an implied invitation, I popped over to Heavenly Peach and had a look around.

(this is my ‘Serve already…’ game face…)

Before we go any further, Heavenly Peach is a female avatars-only, clothing optional beach. It might not be your bag, it might be right up your alley. I often have a really good time hanging out at similar establishments, and after a look around the island, I think this is going to be a regular haunt for me. One thing that really struck me about it was the perfect amount of furnishings – some beaches really cram the chairs and towels and fire pits and dance floors and furniture in, making navigation a little bit challenging. The folks who set up Heavenly Peach must’ve heard my grumblings as I bumped into every couch and chair walking from point A to point B on some other beaches.¬† There’s also plenty of room between hangout spots, so you aren’t constantly stepping on other conversations or walking into photos.

There are a few Asian-themed buildings for getting off the beach and chilling indoors, as well as an outdoor dance floor. It seems like the perfect place to get together with some friends, look out over the water and talk about the important matters of SL like…clothes. (You have your priorities, I have mine.) ūüėČ

They also have VOLLEYBALL! I love volleyball! I can’t wait to get in some games of beach volleyball there.

(This is the requisite supermodel sexy beach pose shot. I’m fairly certain it’s a criminal offense not to shoot this shot when doing photos at a beach, and I don’t want to get into any trouble with the law.)

I’m wearing the Claire bikini from ViSion, which was a¬†GROUP GIFT!!! It brings me no end of joy when a really great piece is a gift, and Claire is one of those. I’m a huge fan of ViSion and am absolutely beyond tickled that they’ll be contributing to the December Luxe Box (which comes out in two days!). If you aren’t a member of the ViSion group – you are so missing out, some of the group gifts are fantastic.

Heavenly Peach has a big grand opening event this weekend, Saturday, December 16 from 12-5pm SLT. Hope you’ll stop by – I could use always use a partner for volleyball.

What I’m Wearing

Bikini: Claire by ViSion

Hair: Nanao by ARGRACE

Shades: Rasa by Kumaki Glasses Style



Late Nights and Sleepy Mornings


Some Friday nights, even after being up way too late enjoying SL after a margarita or two, I just can’t find sleep. Those nights I often wind up skimming the MP, reading other blogs, poring over Flickr, or just bouncing from page to page hoping sleep is right around the corner.




Tonight I’m wearing some new socks by erratic which are on sale, but just this weekend! At 99L each they’re a steal by themselves, but half of that will be returned in the form of erratic store credit (and, to be honest, I can ALWAYS use erratic store credit). Many of the new socks have kind of a wintry, holiday theme and are not to be missed. The hair is called Faryn from TRUTH, and you can find it at Uber until December 23rd (and probably at the TRUTH main store not long thereafter).



(And yes…finally I did get to sleep. The bad thing about really late nights – they lead to really late mornings. Thankfully, on Saturday, that’s not a bad thing at all.)


What I’m Wearing:

Top: Kim by Addams

Panties: Cheeky Panties by enertia

Socks: Eva by erratic

Hair: Faryn by TRUTH (at Uber)


Kink(y) in Pink(y)

(Oh gosh…that title! It was late and I had title¬†writer’s block…)

I don’t think it’s going to shock anyone that I¬†LOVE shopping events. I love checking Seraphim before going to make a little shopping list, I love rubbing elbows with the crowd, I love trying on demos, and I love getting new clothes! Today’s shopping event was Kinky, and the dress…well…it’s not something you’re going to wear to church…

The dress is Gia by Asteria. Aside from being a sexy asymmetric minidress in its own right, it’s…well…let’s say drafty. You’ll see what I mean. The dress includes a HUD with numerous texture options for the attached panties. The stockings are applier-based from FnH; I’ve had these for EVER and they still look fantastic. They also come with a g-string and suspender belt version that is just sizzling with the right skirt or dress and comes with a HUD that offers black, white, pink, and nude color options.

(The shoes are by Essenz, but are, sadly, from February’s BishBox and aren’t available. They sure are cute though…)

And, as I am wont to do, I’m hanging at Cling with some of my besties at my favorite club on the grid. I really love the snowfall effect. (It looks much better in person, have a peek sometime!)

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Gia by Asteria (Kinky Shopping Event)

Stockings: Say It Stockings by FnH

Shoes: Tokyo by Essenz (February 2017 BishBox)

Hair: Kare by TRUTH

Oh no…this again???

‚̧¬† -K.




Tryptophan and Shopping

Hey you five or six people that read my blog! I just wanted to touch base with you all – I had a horribly busy holiday week and couldn’t get any photo shots¬†in, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get any shopping done! I’m hoping to get some photos taken and blog posts made within the next few days.

Love you all! Hope you had a safe and productive Black Friday in both of your lives!

‚̧¬† -K.

Forecast in Hell: Snow – Luxe Box November 2017

A month ago I raved about how I’ve never been disappointed by¬†my monthly¬†Luxe Box.¬†I got up on my soap¬†box and preached that¬†it was always awesome, and¬†always¬†money well spent. I unboxed mine last night and…things changed.

Fair play, this is my personal opinion, and a lot of this might change if you live a different SL than I do. I imagine¬†quite a few of us thought¬†November’s box was the bee’s knees, and I’m really happy for you all! It just didn’t do it for me.

I want to start with the high notes though because there were a few bright spots.

My top and earrings are from Pretty Mess – while it’s a bit simple, I think the texturing is really lovely and it has a unique and alluring slit up either side. The earrings are very different and creative. I definitely will be wearing them. My hair is by Lamb, and I really love ponytails.¬†The accompanying¬†style HUD on the Lamb hair provides for a ponytail that hangs to either side or¬†down the back at either¬†shoulder length¬†or down to mid-back. My only quibble is the hair makes my forehead look kind of gigantic, but adding these bangs from Truth addressed that fairly well. I could see this becoming a semi-regular hair for me.

And that’s it. I don’t want to point fingers or name names or get into details – if you want to chat that out with me in world, drop me an IM. Still, whether it was a lack of features, imagination, or just plain not being my style/fitting my needs, this Luxe Box didn’t deliver the way nearly every other Luxe Box has.

Will this drive me away from my monthly Luxe Box? Of course not! I’ll be right there on December 1 rejoining the group. No one succeeds 100% of the time, and I don’t mind riding along through a rough patch. I’d be willing to be December’s Luxe Box will be a real gem and this unfortunate misstep will be all but forgotten.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Lily Split Tube by Pretty Mess (Luxe Box)

Jeans: DWL by Blueberry

Shoes: Kerria by #EMPIRE (Luxe Box)

Hair: Wait by Lamb (Luxe Box) and Bangs from AveryElena by Truth

Earrings: All-Seeing Earring by Pretty Mess (LuxeBox)

Where I’m Sitting:¬†

Bench: Luxe Bench by Fancy Decor (LuxeBox)


#SecondLifeChallenge – Never Have I Ever…

My blogging mentor and inspiration (whether she knows it or not), Strawberry Singh, is taking a short break from her blog. I really hope she’ll be back soon. Since I wanted to keep up with the #SecondLifeChallenge, I went back through some of her old challenges and picked out one that sounded fun. It’s based on one of my favorite drinking games,¬†Never Have I Ever. If you’re not familiar, each player takes a turn stating something they haven’t done (usually something tawdry or untoward) and everyone else in the group who has done the tawdry or untoward activity mentioned has to drink.

I’ll wait while you all go pour some tequila shots and then we’ll continue…

Go on now…

  1. Never have I ever had sex, in Second Life.¬†Oh no. I have. Often. Usually more than once a week. Sex is fun! I can’t help it.
  2. Never have I ever visited a sex sim, in Second Life.¬†‚Äď I’ve done this too. I visit the Keyhole and the Public Shower on occasion. There are a number of clubs and beaches that don’t specifically self-identify as a sex sim, but given the ‘meat-market’ atmosphere and the amount of public sex that goes on, there isn’t much difference.
  3. Never have I ever¬†been an escort or stripper, in Second Life.¬†‚Äď And now I’m three for three. I¬†recently returned to my¬†position¬†as a dancer and escort at Bare Assets. And you should go there, even if it’s just to hang out. While I’m not necessarily¬†trying to shill for the club at which I work, everyone there is really nice and it’s a fun atmosphere. That and my boss and colleagues are out of this world gorgeous and some of my best SL friends. (Love to Crezi & co.!)
  4. Never have I ever¬†been in porn videos in Second Life.¬†‚Äď Yay! I get a temporary reprieve from the drinking! I’ve never done porn videos. (I’ve been in a fair amount of pictures that are little more than porn, but never a video.)
  5. Never have I ever done¬†things that may be illegal in the real world, in Second Life.¬†‚Äď Pass the lime. I’ve enjoyed some mind-altering substances in SL of which the local law enforcement would not approve.
  6. Never have I ever created an ALT for secret¬†activities, in Second Life.¬†‚Äď Well…yes and no. It wasn’t for secret, illicit activities. It was just to try out something different in SL that I could never do with Keyli. I actually kind of miss it.
  7. Never have I ever had a one night stand, in Second Life.¬†‚Äď See answers 1 and 2. I’m running out of salt.
  8. Never have I ever been part of a roleplay community, in Second Life.¬†‚Äď Not necessarily a community, but I would REALLY like to. I’ve kind of experimented as a temporary visitor in a few roleplay sims, but I’m just not ready to completely commit to it – I just don’t have the time.
  9. Never have I ever discovered a new fetish, because of Second Life.¬†‚Äď I have. And, no, I’m not going into it.
  10. Never have I ever done things in Second Life that I wouldn‚Äôt admit to my friends or¬†family.¬†‚Äď All. The. Time. I would say my First Life friends and family know about 1% of what goes on here in my SL.

So that’s, say, 7.5 out of 10. After more than seven tequila shots I would be on the floor, and the hangover would be brutal. So what’s your score? Are you more think than I drunk you are?


What I’m wearing:

Top: Romy by Blueberry

Skirt: Kyla by Blueberry

Bra: Peek-A-Boo by Reborn

Shoes: Dolly Plats by REIGN

Hair: Scout by Truth



My Workout Routine

In the category of ‘something-else-weird-about-my-SL’, I get a strange satisfaction about going to the gym or getting out the yoga mat at home. Of course, I know this isn’t going to improve my avi’s health or help her trim her tummy or anything along those lines. I suppose the feeling is not unlike the sense of accomplishment I get when going to the gym in my First Life, only without the spin class guy yelling at me.

Even though I probably wouldn’t wear a track jacket for yoga on the deck, I couldn’t resist putting this one on because it is cute with a capital¬†AF. This is from Belzebubble¬†at this month’s 4Mesh event, which ends December 1. It comes with a nearly infinite array of colors, with a HUD allowing you to change the jacket color, the trim, the sleeves, the metals – I love that! The shorts are an old standby for me, Sylvia by Blueberry. When I wear older clothes by my favorite designers like Blueberry, Vinyl, Addams, PiZaZZ, Kaithleen’s, Insanya, or a big laundry list of others, I see exactly how far they’ve come. Not that their older clothing is poor, far from it – I love these shorts! I’m just saying their¬†newer releases are out-of-this-world amazing. I can’t wait to see the future in clothing in Second Life.

Annnnnnnd this is how nearly all of my First Life workout sessions end, so why not SL as well? Who doesn’t love a nice nap?

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Track Jacket by Belzebubble at 4Mesh

Shorts: Sylvia by Blueberry

Shoes: Sneaker! by ROC

Hair: Tegan by Oleander

Yoga Mat: Yoga Mat Lazy Life by Chez Moi




#SecondLifeChallenge – Google Me!

  1. Google your Second Life name in ‚Äúquotations‚ÄĚ and share your results.¬†1,160 results – not bad, considering I don’t really have much of a presence.
  2. What are the first 5 links that come up?¬†My Flickr (it’s easy enough to find, but some of the photos are NSFW), my blog, my Avatarbook (which I don’t really use), my DeviantArt (which I created to enjoy a new friend’s artwork years ago), and the staff Facebook page for Hathor’s Garden, a club at which I was a Hostess a few years back.
  3. Click on the ‚ÄúImages‚ÄĚ tab and tell us where the first 5 images are from. The first is my Avatarbook profile picture (and WAY out of date), the second is an Avatarbook profile picture I liked, the rest are all from the blog.
  4. Click on the ‚ÄúVideos‚ÄĚ tab and share your results, if any.¬†Not a one.
  5. Click on the ‚ÄúNews‚ÄĚ tab and share your results, if any.¬†Again, not a one.
  6. Did any of the results surprise you?¬†I had completely forgotten about the DeviantArt page, and was surprised Hathor’s Garden appeared before my own FB page.
  7. Are you satisfied with your results or wish they were different in any way? I would have liked for my Facebook page to appear in the top five and for my blog to appear first.

A wink and a grin because the phrase ‘googling yourself’ still makes me laugh.

What I’m Wearing…

Top: Aira Hoodie by Ricielli (At Cosmopolitan)

Jeans: Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans by Addams

Shoes:¬†Baby’s Breath by #EMPIRE

Hair: Anouk by TRUTH

Earrings: Madeline by Amala

‚̧¬† -K.



I mentioned in a recent #SecondLifeChallenge that I actually put myself into something resembling PJs when I go to sleep. I know it’s a bit of a strange habit, but I love the immersion of it. It really does put a nice punctuation mark at the end of an evening in Second Life.

I’m wearing a tank from Vinyl, which is beautiful¬†in its simplicity. I think it has a wonderful visual feel, and while this texture was exclusive to the ForMax¬†event, the top is available in numerous others at Vinyl.

My leggings are from Blueberry, and were the subject of a little controversy there – as much as leggings could be a source of controversy. Blueberry put out another set of similar leggings earlier in the year, and there were some customers upset that a new one was released. Honestly, I don’t understand what all the fuss was about. If you’re not happy with a release, save your money and don’t buy it. These new leggings made my bootie look AMAZING and were great as sleepwear or to about any casual affair. I’m getting plenty of wear out of mine.

I may have had a little company…

What I’m wearing

Top – Tolman by Vinyl

Leggings – Poppy by Blueberry

Hair – Athena by TRUTH

(Rainbow friendship bracelet from BOOM! and Piercings from PUNCH)

Sweet dreams!

‚̧¬† -K.


#SecondLifeChallenge – My Blogging History

Okay, so I put together one more rather cheesy Halloween costume. The lingerie is pretty though, right?

It’s time for this week’s #SecondLifeChallenge from Strawberry Singh, who, along with Violette, SherriOhCherri, and Meri (I miss you, Meri!) is my…inspiration, my muse, my catalyst for blogging in the first place.

I felt a little awkward answering these. My blog is still rather nascent and I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer these, but I’m going to have a bash at them just the same:

How long have you been blogging or vlogging about Second Life? I actually gave SecondKeyli a go a few years ago, but found I just didn’t have the commitment at the time. This iteration of my blog has been around a whole 21 days.

Why did you start blogging or vlogging?¬†I had started taking a lot of pictures in world and was actually receiving comments like ‘This is lovely’, ‘Great photo’ as opposed to ‘Your(sic) hot’, ‘Nice ass’, or something along those lines. I got messages on Flickr asking where I’d found a certain top or a dress and figured maybe I should try being part of this community I’ve admired for so long.

How many times a week/month do you post?¬†My goal is at least once a week, but over the past three weeks I’ve been working to hit two per week just to kind of ‘get in the groove’ and learn the craft.

Do you keep track of how many hits or subscribers you have? Maybe a little bit? I made double-digit subscribers¬†this past weekend, and that was an absolute joy. I was thrilled to make ten. I might start tracking hits somewhere down the line, but for now I’m happy just to do this for me and for the small group that follows my blog.

Which electronic devices do you use to blog/vlog with? Just my desktop PC, though I’ve gone back and edited after the fact using a laptop.

Do you monetize your blog or vlogs? If so, do you mind sharing how much you make approximately? (You don‚Äôt have to answer the second question) No. I wouldn’t even know how. Maybe sometime in the future? I don’t know that I’ll ever make real money from my blog, and I don’t know that I want to, but I would LOOOOOVE to blog for some SL designers. I think it’d be incredibly fun, challenging, and I’m all about getting more clothes.

What has Second life blogging or vlogging taught you? It’s helped with my SL photography, no doubt about that, but I think the main thing is to explore Second Life more. There are so many amazing settings that are great backdrops that I might otherwise have never visited.

Do you feel like Second Life blogging or vlogging takes away from your real life?¬†I don’t know about that. I do set aside a little time to shoot pictures, write copy, and put everything together, but often I’m tabbing back and forth to SL while doing so, keeping up chats with friends.

Do you have a mission statement for your blog or vlog, if so, what is it?¬†No – this started as kind of a logical progression from my Flickr, and I am finding it immensely satisfying. I think, if anything, my mission statement is to create another avenue outside of Second Life in which I enjoy Second Life, and to be part of a community I’ve admired for years.

Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers/vloggers.¬†I don’t know that I have any. This is like asking a teenager who just got her license for driving tips. I guess I would say just do it. It’s a lot easier than it might look and it’s immensely satisfying to open your site and be able to say ‘I did that’. Don’t worry about your photos not being perfect; none of mine are, but they make me happy and I hope others might find them appealing as well – you will be your own worst critic, so just tell that little voice to hush. And…drink plenty of water. It’s good for you.


Forgive me for the wall of text, SL!

What I’m Wearing:

Lingerie: Eden by erratic

Boots: Gale by KC Couture

Hair: Deja by Truth


‚̧¬† -K.